February 16, 2013

#ROAKDIY Recap - Random Acts of Kindness

It was super fun to give our framed prints to the teachers:

Check out this next picture - it shows how big the frames are - cause they're bigger than you think...

Got the frames at Michael's - you can read about how I made them work with prints here: Laser Cut Frames with Backing Added
We also loaded them up with craft supplies that they needed - so fun!

The second part of week I gave out some $5 Michael's Gift Cards - I wanted to be fun about it, so I made a and printed some Random Act of Kindness Printable Cards and and planned to leave them around the store - it doesn't get much more random than that.  Wouldn't it be so fun to discover one?  But then I thought it'd be super fun to give them to the people in my Wilton's Cake Class, so that's what I ended up doing.

I thought I'd share the printable in case you want to do something similar - just click on it to make it bigger then right-click it - I think that will work.  If not, let me know and I'll try to figure something else out.

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8 Fabulous Comments:

Oh, wow! Those frames are much bigger than I pictured when I saw the first image.

I had the same thought as Natasha--wow!

I'm so in love with these frames! I think I need to go get me some!

Whit @ The Busy Broad

I may have missed your post about where to find these frames or did you make them? So precious!

I got them at Michaels - I added the link to the post where I talk about that above -- great question!

What an awesome idea! I love how large they! It really makes a statement and is a super sweet gift.

This is a neat idea and the gifts for the teachers are wonderful!

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