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I’m looking for some READERS – maybe YOU? – to do a Reader Feature – great way to give your blog a shout-out AND get to show off some amazing projects.  Just let me know if you’re interested, mandybeez at gmail – – here’s one from Melanie:

Hello Sugar Bee Readers!  I’m Melanie from over at the Crafty Cupboard!  My blog is full of tutorials and project inspiration, and I would love to have you visit!  I love quilting, as you can see from my finished projects from last year:
Quilts 2012
I also have such a fun time sewing for my three little girls, and they love having mom-made things to wear, too! 
Clothing Projects
Don’t forget the projects for the little things in life, like a business card holder for all those blog conferences coming up!
Ruffled Business Card Holder by the Crafty Cupboard
While I mostly express my creativity with sewing, I also love to get generally crafty now and again, especially for holidays!
Owl Always Love You

That’s enough about me, let’s talk about you!  There were so many inspiring links this week, but I wanted to highlight a few that really caught my eye:
knife drawer
This Custom Knife Drawer by While Wearing Heels is truly amazing; I seriously need to make something like this to tame my wild pit of craziness I call my knife drawer.
Repurposed Sewing Table
How about this DIY repurposed Sewing Table by Namely Original?  How many times do we pass up those old tables because we a) already have one for our sewing machines or b) don’t have a sewing machine?  I love how she used pallet wood on the top in a contrasting stain. Lovely!
gray and yellow chevron pleated bag (9)[4]
We all love a good chevron, like this Gray Chevron bag by Monkey see Monkey Do!  Her placement of the top zig zag is perfect.
Feeling ambitious?  These DIY Stairs by Measured by the Heart certainly had me admiring her for her efforts, but don’t they look classy?
For a simple afternoon craft that makes a huge impact, these Vintage Numbered Crates by Lolly Jane are just the thing!  I recently organized a craft room for myself, and decided as soon as I saw this project that my room is indeed missing a crate or two.
burlap diaper box
For the frugal among us, this Toy box from a Diaper Box by Accidentally Wonderful is a great way to recycle trash into treasure!  And boy, do I have a diaper box or two lying around…
This Upcycled Pink Cardigan by Grow Creative is so feminine and sweet, I can’t help but love it.  I love tone-on-tone clothing, it is subtle and superb at the same time.
crochet wreath
Speaking of crochet, this Crochet Yarn Wreath by Projects Around the House is a great spring pick-me-up!  I love how she just pinned some crochet flowers to it to mix things up, but also keep the white wreath ready for change at any moment.
Cece Peplum Attitude
On my sewing table right now is a peplum top, just like the Girl’s Peplum Top by How Do You Like Them Apples?  She reviewed a great pattern, and wow, did she do an awesome job!  I love the ribbon on the bottom!
I’m so glad for all the support and inspiration we have for each other out here in the blogosphere, keep up the great work!  Feel free to stop on by and say hello to me at the Crafty Cupboard any time!

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

Thanks for Reading


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