Tulips for Valentine’s Decor

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I have the prettiest table right now – I want you all to come over so you can see my tulips in person – so bright and cheery!!  they are PERFECT for my Valentine’s Decor.
Tulips for Valentine Decor
(um, just ignore the dust on the table…..obviously this is the “fancy” table and it doesn’t get daily use – it’s mainly there to look pretty)
So, how did this all come about….well, I first grabbed some cut tulips at the grocery store while I was there anyway to pick up milk and bread – so convenient.  I also grabbed some candy because I was going to do that thing where you put a smaller vase inside a big vase, put the flowers in the small vase, and then fill the big void between vases with candy – but it turns out I didn’t have a big vase like I thought.  So it was brainstorming time.  I found a bunch of glass milk jars from my sister-in-law and an idea started forming…

I thought they would all line up in a box, so I needed Trevor to cut some boards and slap together a rustic wooden box.  I was thinking this was a 5 minute project.  He informed me otherwise and went about figuring out an alternative (you can read about his thoughts HERE) and next thing I know he’s digging old boxes and oatmeal containers out of the recycling bin and making way for me to use some awesome wooden boxes from his garage – score!

So I put 2 jars in each box and filled them with candy – – perfect:

And now the tulips are the perfect touch – -

You can see more of my Valentine Decor in this picture, including the Paper Strip Hearts, getting used again this year:

For more ideas relating to tulips and crafting and decor, check out the Dig Drop Done Pinterest Boards.

So – – go grab yourself some cut tulips!!

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    I like that tulips come in so many awesome colors. I am thinking of maybe attaching one to a card… they have a nice thick stem, so this should work.

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    What a fun idea! I would put tulips and candy in a similar vase as you (tea tins) for my staff bathroom at my elementary school. I know this is a weird place to put candy and flowers but there is a group of us who have been secretly decorating this bathroom, and let me tell you, it is fun to go in there and see what pretty things we leave each other! Such a nice way to bring up some spirits in a stressful job! :)

    Thanks for the idea! emma

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