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This is my last post on Sugar Bee Crafts!
I’m bummed to leave such a neat blog but my life has been getting busier and busier ever since we adopted our little one and I decided that it’s time to let a few things go, these posts being one of them.
Thanks for reading my photo tips and be sure to visit me over on the Dancing Toad blog!
This post will be sweet and simple.
Two more little things to help improve your photos.Focus on the eyes and don’t crop at the joints.

I’ve seen pictures everywhere going against these “rules” so I thought I would briefly describe why you should follow them.
Focus on the eyes.. for obvious reasons.  I believe that the eyes are the soul of a portrait. The focus.
Don’t crop at the joints.

You don’t want to amputate your subject.
 Try to compose correctly when you’re taking the picture but, if you forget and you amputate the bottom half of your subject’s legs or arms, just adjust it in Photoshop.  No worries.Here are some sample pictures.  The first is a NO, no cropping right a joint, in this case, the wrists.  The second and third are samples of 2 different ways you could fix it, making sure it you’re not cropping right at any joints.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your pictures!
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