WIWW – Cherry Blossom Dress

I thought that was fun last week on What I Wore Wednesday to review several ways I’ve worn the same outfit – so let’s do it again….

I wore my Cherry Blossom Dress on Sunday – I got it a few years ago from Downeast Basics and I still love it.  I paired it with a black cardigan that was belted with the pop of red (it wasn’t as bright in real life as it shows in the picture).  I also had the pop of red in boot socks and earrings….  I liked the cardigan – I’m not sold on the socks but I didn’t mind them.

 And here’s a couple of ways I’ve worn it in the past…. in the spring I will wear it as-in, and then in the past when it was cold I would wear it with a red long-sleeve shirt under it – – any thoughts on that look?

So – – which do you like best??  I think my style is slowing developing to be better and better – at least I tell myself that!

And in other news, my hair is getting longer!!  Normally I just drool over pinterest hairdos thinking “one day….” but I saw this one and thought, hey, my hair might actually be long enough for that – -and it was!  It’s an inside-out french braid on each side, wrapped up in a pinned messy bun in the back – – pretty fun!

So, any What I Wore Wednesday thoughts this week – let’s hear it! 

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    the hairdo is very cute. The red shirt under the dress….not so cute. I much prefer the dress with a cardigan or just the little camisole underneath…both of those looks were much cuter. The long t shirt under the dress reminded me of a little kid wearing a jumper….cute on a 4 year old but you look better with a more classic cardigan!

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    Love the dress and the hair! I like it best with the cardigan or camisole, I too think the long sleeve shirt under it would best be left to little girls. I’m not sure about the red boot socks but they don’t look bad with it by any means, just different :)

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    Love your hair, it’s so cute! I don’t like the dress with the shirt underneath, but like the other two ways you wore it. Except the boot socks. I didn’t think it was the right style of dress for those.

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    Oh my gosh ~ you look fabulous Mandy!! I love the dress with the black cardigan! You look so put together! My hair is finally growing out too ~ we should do a “hair growing out” inspiration series ;)

  5. says

    I like layers, so I’m drawn to the black cardigan. However, if you are confident in any of the looks, then it can be a good look.

    And your new hair style is cute. I hate how long growing your hair out can take :)

  6. says

    I like the first version most… But, hey, your hairdo is so so great. My hair’s growing as well in the moment, but I’m just so bad at doing my hair, so I usually end up with nothing or just a ponytail :/

    Love, Midsommarflicka

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