February 20, 2013

WIWW - Colored Jeans

As with most trends, I was slow to catch on to colored jeans.  But, again as with most trends, once I jumped on board, I'm at it full force.  I can't stop wearing colored jeans!  And I probably need to pose the question - how many pair is too many??

You already know that I love my Mint Jeans -

follow the Click to Read More if you're on my main blog page to see all the looks I've been sporting in my colored jeans....

And my Polka Dot Jeans (although I wish they were a size smaller - they really grow throughout the day) -

Well, in addition to those, I got a dark turquoise pair for Christmas and have been loving them!
My girls even got a pair:

And I thought that was enough -- until there was a smokin' deal on a kelly green pair over at The Chic Orchid and couldn't say no.  They're really bright - brighter than I expected, but I still love them.
 And meanwhile I'm still wearing the mint and polka dot ones, just pairing them with tops that have a more "winter" feel - found this gray and navy number at Goodwill Outlet, so it was probably less than $1.
And I love mint/aqua and pink this year for Valentines - so this is what I wore then:
The shirt looks red in the picture, but believe me, it's a fuschia pink.  Topped off with a Paparazzi Heart Charm necklace and thrift store leopard flats (which got several compliments from the Kindergartners).

And random, if you're into fashion and affordable accessories, I started a FB Page for my Paparazzi Jewelry - finally!  It's here: http://www.facebook.com/SugarBeeBling

 So let's hear it -- what are your thoughts on Colored Jeans??  Do you wear them?  Do you wonder why other people wear them?  Any suggestions on what to wear with them??


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I want to wear colored jeans but I just don't have the confidence...I know silly. My teenage daughter has many different colors and puts some really cute outfits together. Maybe I will find my courage.

I don't have any--I have a HORRIBLE time finding jeans that fit and are affordable. And I generally only own 2 or 3 pair at a time--one cropped, and 2 regular. I can't imagine wearing any color other than blue more than 1x/week.

I hate it when jeans grow too much during the day.

Yours look so cute on your skinny little legs! Mine fit a little more snug on my legs!

I have mint, cobalt, and burgundy. I still want more but I don't dress in casual clothes enough for me to justify buying another pair :) You should take the seams in on your pair that is too big. I know you are good with a sewing machine!

love those green ones! i need more skinnies!!!!

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