February 27, 2013

WIWW - inspired

I love seeing outfits on Pinterest and realizing that I have everything in my closet to replicate the look...take this for example:

Want to see what I was replicating?  check it out....

Found on VeryJane:

oh, you want a side-by-side - - I tried to mimic the pose and all:

I bought that skirt from one of those Facebook Deals from The Nest on Main - I LOVE it and I wear it all the time when I need to "dress up" but want to be comfortable - it's a casual way to look nice.  I wear it with almost anything - it's perfect.

Here's another time I wore it - with light brown boots that I got at Goodwill Outlet (score!) and a light brown chunky belt I found at 1/2 of 1/2 for like $3:
And the here's another Inspired Outfit, but I can't do a side-by-side becayse I can find the link to the outfit I'm replicating - but anyways, here's this:

Do you get outfit inspiration?  Or can you just pull outfits out of the air??  I for sure need inspiration!


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You pulled the inspiration outfit off perfectly - gorgeous! What a great skirt!

julee @ D.I.Y. Louisville

Luv the outfits...and you are a nut! Luv the "replication" of the pose
Hahaha even your maniacal smile! Dork....xoxo

I have been seeing this pinterest pic everywhere and I loved it. You did a FABULOUS job replicating. I'm going to have to break down and buy a chevron maxi, that's all there is to it.

So cute! I have a chevron maxi, but I haven't ever worn it like that - I should! I pull inspiration from Pinterest all the time - it has definitely helped my think of new ways to wear items!

In love with that skirt! what a great versatile piece!
Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

Love the striped maxi skirt!! Looks great on you, in both outfits. :)

I LOVE black white and mustard!


I love that skirt.


love this outfit and how adorable you look recreating the original picture :)
stopping by from wiww.

Great skirt, and I love the look on your face!!! =)

I've pinned the same outfit... Your version is great!

That skirt is fantastic.
I can't wear that fabric and it makes me jealous that a lot of people can.

love it all!

pay me a visit :)

Stopping by The Pleated Poppy WIW - I have this same photo pinned. I have very similar skirt and have styled it similar to this outfit. You look great!


Mandy! We noticed that you found our picture on our Very Jane deal and replicated our outfit! We just wanted to say that you look so cute!!! Come visit our site we'd love to send you something as well! Email us at: thenestonmain@gmail.com our website is shop.thenestonmainstreet.com :)

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