February 7, 2013

Yarn Wrapped Wire Heart Earrings - Tutorial!

Here's another project that I showed off during the Valentine Hang-out Video -- it's Yarn Wrapped Wire Heart Earrings, and it's simple and cute!

You'll just need some wire, bent in the shape of a heart, a jump ring, earring hook, some yarn (I used this LionBrand Yarn that has a sequin every once in a while - it's perfect!) and some pliers and hot glue to make it easier...

Random, keeping it real photo - - even if my desk looks clean in the photo above, the backed out shot tells a different story....

Anyways, moving on - - tie the yarn on and secure it with a dab of hot glue.  Then just wrap wrap wrap til you get to the end and secure that with hot glue.

 Then open the jump ring and use that to attach the heart to the earring hook:

That's it!  Wear and enjoy!!

Apparently I'm a fan of wrapping yarn around wire...

Word Yarn Art (we made these at girls' camp)

Wire Yarn Ornament

Have you tackled any wire yarn wrapping??  If not, you should!

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Definitely cute! I've never thought to wrap wire with yarn.

These are so cute and fun! They turned out amazing! Pinned!

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