Cake Class at Michaels

I passed!!  Graduated from Course 1 in the Wilton’s Cake Decorating Classes.  I took it at my local Michael’s and it was so much fun – highly recommended!  Here’s my Final Project:

I would have never believed I could make fancy icing flowers. Let me tell you all about my great experience….

I signed up for course 3, thinking that I had made several cakes on my own.  But then I got to thinking I should probably start at the beginning, so I changed my registration to Course 1.  So glad I did – – cake decorating isn’t new to me, but it was great to learn the real techniques for the basics (instead of my self-taught ways).  I learned lots of tricks or tips I didn’t know about.

Setting up for the first class – I was super excited:

Our teacher did an amazing job – she’s been teaching the course for years and you could tell she knew the material and what she was doing when it comes to cake decorating.

 The first week we learned basic flowers – I’ve never been able to get these right – until now!  I was proud of my cookies!

Prepping for the next class with my helper- -

 The next week we came with a cake and put our knowledge from the previous week to use as we iced it.  I never knew that butter cream icing could look so smooth on a cake – it almost looks like fondant, but it’s not!

We used this image transfer method that I’d never even heard of – pretty neat and saves you from having to free-draw (because I could never freehand a heart – they always come out wonky).  I enjoy the ombre I have going on – if you follow me on Instagram you saw this already:

Week 3 we topped off cupcakes with some unique icing flowers.  I made this awesome one – maybe my favorite technique from the class:

 Luckily I snapped that picture because later, when it was actually on the cupcakes, I had a catastrophe in the car when they all slid off their platter into a pile of mashed icing and cake – doh!

 The final week we learned the ribbon rose and tricks to writing letters – so neat to get the secrets behind the icing flowers.

 I posted my creation on facebook where the “lucky” cake got razzed a little (as always, you can click on photos to make them larger – just avoid the hovering PinIt button when you do) – -

 I had a great time at the Cake Class.  Even though I didn’t consider myself a beginner, I still was glad I took the beginner class.  The only trouble is that they show you all types of really cool Wilton tools that you’ll think that you desperately need!  Like the cake saw – I had to have that.  And special scissors to transfer icing flowers to cakes – I never knew I needed that, but I do!

And obviously Trevor needs to take the class…. one of these cupcakes is not like the other, one of these things just isn’t the same….(he already blogged about his icing woes HERE)

Have you taken the Michael’s cake class?  I’d love to hear your experiences, especially if you’ve taken the other courses – I’m thinking about them….

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    Thanks so much for sharing about what is covered in each class. I’ve been seriously thinking of going to these, just haven’t signed up yet. I’m trying to find a 4 week time before school lets out for the summer that I can commit to :)

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    So glad you enjoyed your class and have an awesome Instructor!! Keep spreading the word about just how great the classes are!! (PS– I’m a Wilton Instructor)

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    Awesome work! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed your Course 1 and I hope you plan to take more Wilton classes. My favorite Wilton Course is #4, Advanced Gum Paste Flowers. I enjoy making, and teaching flowers. – Another Wilton Instructor :D


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