Celebrate! Happy Pi Day! 3-14

For geeks around the world, it’s a day to celebrate – today is March 14, which is 3-14, which is the start to pi the number, you know, 3.14….

 Think that image is funny? (of course you do, “3.14” reverses in text to “PI.E” – that’s funny!) here’s more…

while you read this post, open up the link to the Pi Number Song so it’ll play in the background

Go grab a Marie Callender’s Pie  to celebrate today – – so yummy!!  I even have a coupon for you!  $1.50 off – grab it here.  I got Lemon Meringue and seriously, it did not look or taste like a store-bought pie.  So GOOD!!  Doesn’t this look perfect – like it was handmade and slaved over for hours:

See, pie – how can you not celebrate March 14th?!

You can even check out the Marie Callender’s Blog for party ideas, how-to’s, and more!  I really wish you could taste this…..mmmmmm…..the perfect tang of lemon and fluffy meringue, smooth texture – – I wanted to lick my plate.  I would show you pictures of myself eating pie – but I was eating it and didn’t want to stop the deliciousness to take time to take a picture.

And side note, these quote images are from the site RoadKill T-shirts – there are tons of funny ones – I browsed for way too long…here are a few geeky ones that stood out to me:

More fun for Pi Day – -

Here’s some I made last year, key lime and peanut butter (obviously it’s easier to buy one)

This Pi Belt from Helping Little Hands has been on my-to list forever – now that I made Trevor a Pi Shirt, he for sure needs the belt, right?  Maybe I’ll make it today to celebrate:

Do you love Pi Day?  Have any pi related projects?  Let me know!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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    Ooooo, Lemon Meringue, my favorite!! And about pi, why didn’t my math teacher ever tell us that when you’re trying to figure out the circumference of a circle OR the diameter of a circle, it’s easiest to round off pi to 3. Such a simple thing, but often missed in an attempt to make something so easy more difficult. lol

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    We’ve been celebrating Pi-Day all day here. I helped the kids kindergarten and 2nd grade classes celebrate with several math related activities and round Pi cookies. Then we had meat Pi for dinner and pumpkin and pudding Pi for dessert. Oh…and last night we came up with a last minute Pi-rate shirt for my 2nd grader…perfect for her since she wears an eye patch for a couple hours in the afternoon. Thanks for featuring our Pi-belt.

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