Bow Ties and Hair Flowers

I have told people “I’m declaring this the year of the Bow Tie” and was it ever!  I finally was able to be on-trend (usually I’m a good year behind the times).  Several families at church had their boys topped off with a bow tie – it was so cute!  I mean really, can boys in bow ties be any cuter??

boys in pink bow ties
Yes, they are fuchsia pink, and yes, they wore them happily – phew!  My 10-year-old declared “pink is cool” (who knew?!) and so my 4-year-old went along with it because who doesn’t want to be cool.
I used the tutorial over at Chickadee Jess - it is really simple to follow.  The bow part is almost no-sew – – just a few hand stitches.  You start with a rectangle and made several folds and then hand tack the middle. Go to her tutorial for all the details. Then I sewed a strap with elastic on it for around their neck.
Easy to make boy bow ties

I made Trevor’s a little bigger, but I think I still could have sized it up.  But he was nice enough to join in the fun and wear it anyway.  He was not the only dude at church in a bow tie.  Like I said, all the rage.

Simple Pink Bow Tie

My mom likes to take the girls shopping every year for Easter dresses, so those and the boys white shirts are courtesy of her.  I thought it’d be fun to make myself a matching dress – tutorial on that to come!

With the silky scraps from the lining of my dress, I made the girls some hair flowers.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never loved those circle burned-edge flowers that people make.  I know that you can cut a flower shape and then burn the edges, but I didn’t want to invest that kind of time in cutting.  So I came across this awesome tutorial from Simply Vintagegirl – it was perfect!  You just cut circles (I use my GoBaby die cutter and cut stacks at a time, so this goes really fast) and then you cut 4 slits into the circle and burn it.  It makes the shape more “flowerish” without the work.  So be sure to check out that tutorial.  Her picture:

Fabric Flower Tutorial: Step 5

I made about 3 large layers and 3 small layers and then put a circle of tulle between each layer – they’re so cute.  I also hand-sewed a few seed beads into the middle for that extra touch.  Fuchsia is the hardest color to take a picture of – but they’re awesome in real life.

A quick snapshot family picture after church:

 Yes, I ended up getting the shoes (I posted about them on the FB Page and wondered if they were too matronly, but everyone loved them so I bought them and they’re awesome!) and I was even shoe twins with Ashley at church:

So, like I mentioned, tutorial on my dress to come (it’s SUPER easy – – just an adult pillowcase dress – how about that!)

And just to share, I don’t even know what’s going on in this picture – – I’m pretty sure all family picture times have these moments, right?!

 Did you sew anything for Easter?  If you posted about it somewhere, leave a link – I’d love to check it out!

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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      It’s pretty easy – they have french braids running down each side of their hair. I made them “upside-down” french braids so the braid is on top, not underneath. Hope that makes sense. Then I just wound the braided ends up in a bun and pinned everything in place. I let the loose ends of the braids stick out for extra fun.

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