April 6, 2013

Crazy Felt Coasters {felt contributor}

Hello once again!  I'm Nancy and I blog over at Small Things with Love.  I am back once again, as the felt contributor, to share with you my latest creations from, that's right, felt!

This is a super simple project that will add a little funky charm to your living room.  (is there any other kind of charm than funky charm?!?) And plus, they are really fun to make!

Just a little side note before we get to the project:  I draw inspiration from all sorts of places and this project was inspired by all the "free motion" sewing/quilting I have been seeing.  I don't have a free motion foot for my machine yet, but it is definitely on the list and the good news is that this project was easy to do without a free motion foot!  I am drawn to projects that are "messy", so the free motion sewing is right up my alley.

So, who's ready to make some CRAZY felt coasters?

Various Colors of Wool Felt
Sewing Machine (regular foot or Free Motion Foot)

Here's the how to:

  • First, cut out three circles for the front of the coaster in three different felt colors and various sizes.  Cut also a second larger circle for the back.  (Now, since wool felt is more expensive, I used cheap acrylic felt for the backing of my coasters).  
  • Next, head to the sewing machine with the top three pieces arranged, and the bottom backing piece behind.  Start at one edge and sew in a spiral around the coaster until you reach the center, making sure to tuck the top circles under the sewing machine foot as you go.
  • Then, trim any parts of the edge that don't match up, or where the back piece is showing.
  • Finally, head back to the sewing machine and go nuts sewing around and around and around the edge. This step is really fun.  Make sure that the lines are a little messy and that they aren't all on top of each other.

And...done!  Pour yourself a cup of tea, garb your book and relax!

I love it!  This project is a nice marriage of craft and art!

I am so thankful that Mandy allows me to share with you each month!

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4 Fabulous Comments:

Can these be made with just acrylic felt? What are the advantages of wool? I have a bunch of acrylic laying around. These are cute!

I always have a huge acrylic felt stash from making play food for my daughter. I will have to give these a try too! It looks like a good way to practice the curves I dread so much on my sewing machine as well!

The Hot Toddies of Washington

I have acquired a lot of wool felt pieces, some small scraps. I can hardly wait to make them.

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