Reverse Applique Pillowcase Skirt

I guest-posted this skirt awhile ago and COMPLETELY FORGOT to post about it – -crazy!  I came across it’s cuteness and knew you would want to know how to make this really simple skirt – it’s made out of a pillowcase, so it doesn’t get much easier than that.  The detail is a reverse applique and it’s a fun technique to learn – let’s get started…. this is perfect for spring!

On to the tutorial…

I know everyone’s heard of pillowcase dresses, but did you know pillowcases make great skirts as well??  They’re very cheap (usually about a quarter, $0.25, at garage sales and thrift stores) and can fit children and teens.  They are easy to work with because they’re already hemmed and sewed along the edge – all you have to do is add a waistband.  I think a Pillowcase Skirt is a great project for a beginner sewer – perfect to show your daughter how to sew.

To spice it up a little, I will also show you how to do a reverse applique – – applique is sewing something on the top of your garment, so reverse applique is sewing something underneath your garment, then cutting away the top layer to reveal it.

Here we go – – cut a pillowcase to 2 inches longer than you want the skirt:

Draw on your applique – keep it simple if you’re a beginner sewer.  I just freehanded a few flower petals with my disappearing ink fabric marker:

Slide the fabric for your applique into the pillowcase right-side up and pin it in place so it’s secure under where you drew your design:

Sew along the lines you drew.  Don’t worry about being too precise – that’s part of the “handsewn” look:

When done, turn it inside out and cut away any extra fabric as shown:

Then from the top, cut a slit in the top layer inside your design – be sure not to cut through the fabric layer that you sewed on:

Then carefully cut that top pillowcase layer away to reveal the sewn-in fabric:

This is my finished reverse applique:

Now, to finish up the skirt – I just made a simple casing for an elastic waistband.  Fold the top down about an inch and iron it.  Then fold it a little more than an inch and iron it again – this will create a “tube”, or casing:

Sew along the bottom of the casing to secure it.  Leave open about 3 inches.  Use that open space to thread the elastic through:

Sew the two ends of the elastic together.  Then sew up the hole in the casing.  That’s it!!

Wear and enjoy!!

Obviously skirts are one of my favorite things to sew – they come together so quickly and are cute and easy to wear. Some other skirt tutorials you can find on my blog…just click the photos for the tutorial links….

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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