Glass Etched Father’s Day Frame

I am on a photo frame kick – – this week it’s for Father’s Day! I was sent some supplies from Martha Stewart crafts and was immediately drawn to the glass etch – love that stuff.

(remember last week I made a Mother’s Day frame - that’s why that picture of my kiddos is familiar).

A few months ago, Trevor was switching desk areas at work. He cleared out and brought some things home, including the family picture he had – which was this:

Um, yeah.  We have four kids.  And the youngest is 4.  The picture’s “a little” outdated!  Time to get him a new picture of the kids for his desk at work.  And this makes the perfect Father’s Day gift!

First gather your supplies. I had the Martha Stewart glass etch, a stencil I cut out of contact paper (but Martha Stewart also has stencils, so you can use the alphabet ones to spell something out if you want), and a frame from the thrift store, complete with a photo of random children.

I used transfer paper to move my contact paper stencil to the glass in the frame:

I did this while the glass was still in the frame, so I could get a feel for the placement of the words.  After sticking down my stencil I then took the glass (and the weird picture) out of the frame.  As you can see in the picture below, the stencil is of the negative space – as in, the blanks are where the words are:

Next, according to product directions, apply a thick even layer of etching cream over desired area.  Let it sit for 15 minutes.

Then rinse off the excess cream and peel the stencil off.  Clean the glass.  It’s a two-handed process to clean off the cream, so I only got an “after” picture:

 I LOVE glass etch – it adds a personal touch without being too overwhelming   It shows up great when you get the light to hit it right, but head-on it’s not too strong.  Here it is when I caught it in the light:

I have glass etched gift plates for neighbors in the past, and all my casserole dishes with our last name on them so everyone knows it’s mine at a potluck (but apparently never blogged that cause I can’t find a post about it.)  But if you want to be extra fun, instead of using your name you can glass etch like Kimbo from A Girl And A Glue Gun - love this – it is glass etched to say “This is NOT your pan”

 Oh, I forgot to mention that I spraypainted the frame black.  I didn’t mind the gold, but thought that in a work setting, the black was probably a better choice.  I like how the frame has some detail to it and isn’t just plain – worth my $0.75.

Oh, random, while I was at the Thrift Store I saw this – even they are on board with Pinterest:

So — go grab a frame, and grab some awesome Martha Stewart Etching Cream (it’s the best etching cream I’ve used!) – you can find it at Michael’s Craft Stores – and crank out this fun project for Father’s Day!

And be sure to follow along so you don’t miss any of the fun from Plaid:



Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign with Plaid and The Blueprint Social. All opinions and love of Martha Stewart Crafts are my own.

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    That’s a fun Father’s Day idea! It’s so hard to make things for dad that are still manly, but the glass etching is perfect!!! And that cracks me up about the thrift store! Good marketing ploy there!


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