Last Day of School Ideas

Today is our first day of summer – we planned to go swimming all morning – and it’s pouring buckets and buckets of rain.  Bummer!
I wanted to pop in and tell you some fun ideas for the Last Day of School from yesterday…

Teacher Treats!
I sent each kiddo with a couple of packs of a giant cookie.  I LOVE these wrappers – it makes just a cookie seem so fancy.  I printed off the free Thank You teacher-ish circles from Dimple Prints.  They gave these to people like the bus driver, secretaries, art teacher, etc.

The chocolate chip cookies are GIANT – – like one of those “big cookies” that you can buy at a bakery.  Seriously – here are they fresh out of the oven – you can see how I can only fit 6 on a cookie sheet.  I got the recipe off of AllRecipes for Best Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Mascot Necklaces!
 Next up, a little extra for their teachers.  I love to make them a Glass Tile Pendant each year using an image of the school mascot:

And then used these fun boxes I got at Pick Your Plum to package them.  I love having packaging and fun things like that on hand – it makes everything extra fabulous and it’s easy to do.  Speaking of, you can get awesome baking cups at Pick Your Plum today (affiliate link), 24 for only $2.55, if they haven’t sold out.  You’ll want some just to have on hand this summer!  Oh, and one of the teachers we have this year we had in the past, so she already has a mascot necklace – we just packed up a Paparazzi Necklace (can’t beat $5).

 And for all of you that love “behind the scenes” glimpses, really, a picture looks awesome, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of my house does….

Next up, Autograph Shirts!!  I got this idea – including the exact fonts and design, over at Eighteen25.  Such a fun idea!  The only difference is that I put the decal on the front of the shirt so that the front wasn’t plain.  Everyone still signed the back.  I love how they’ve got their sharpies ready:

These were made using my Silhouette Cutting Machine and Heat Transfer vinyl – you just iron it on – one of my favorite things to cut on my Cameo.

 I made sure to sign it before they were all filled up!

So I had the fun idea to have a path of helium balloons, tied onto rocks, leading from the bus stop to our house, with a giant balloon curtain to walk through at the end.  BUT, it was raining like crazy.  So I had to alter the plans! – party van to pick the kids up at the bus stop.  I bought several mylar balloons at the Dollar Store (why would you buy them anywhere else?!  just $1!) and gave one to each kid that gets off the bus at our stop.  Then I filled the van with tons of regular balloons.  I used 50 and obviously needed more if I wanted to fill the van to the brim.

 hint – use an air compressor to blow up the balloons!

Balloon photo bomb, coming off the bus:

 And then save some of those giant cookies for a special after-school snack:

 Summer, here we come!!

Another fun idea – last year we made a HUGE chalk sign that said Welcome to Summer:

And lots of fun surprise chalk activities leading from the bus stop to our house:

 Or you can give a Start of Summer Gift – - a summer journal is a great idea:

I know some of you are already out of school, but hopefully some of you can use these ideas!

If you love these last day of school ideas, feel free to share the love by commenting,  pinning it,  and/or sharing the link on social media!  Thanks in advance.

oh, and speaking of summer fun – look what’s coming up starting next week:

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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