Modern Pajama Pants

I have been in search of a good pajama pant for awhile.  Then my current ones had a complete blow-out – like a rip in the rear exposing a whole cheek – and it was almost time to head to a blogging conference.  So I knew I needed new pjs – and of course would need to DIY them.  Mine on the left, inspiration on the right.
I’ve had that picture on the right pinned forever, and can’t find the original source.  After some digging it turns out that you may be able to get the pattern from Amy Butler’s In Stitches book – now I want to get my hands on that book.
Meanwhile, I had to work with what I had.  I tried to study the photo and see what made those pj pants “modern” and more awesome than the patterns I owned…..that’s Simplicity 9871:
The things that I needed to add to the pattern I had:
–wider legs
-contrasting cuff
So, let’s get to work – – a quick tutorial.  
grab a sewing buddy or two…

And grab a pattern that you don’t really love – we’re going to tweak it.    Cut the waist/rear/etc to fit, and you for sure want it fitted around the thighs (I ended up taking mine in around that area a bunch) but when cuttting the bottom of the legs, from about the knee down, don’t taper in!  I cut straight down for a bit of a wide leg – if you want to replicate the inpiration photo above, you’ll need to flare out a little more.

Since I was wearing them to a pajama party at the blogging conference, I made mine in the color scheme of my blog.  Which is turquoise, yellow, and a hint of gray.  I wanted gray piping inbetween the cuff and pant, but didn’t have any on hand.  But I DID have white, and some dye, so I made that work:

Next up make your cuff – – I made mine bigger than the inspiration picture so as to accent my blog colors that much more.  I made this the same way I did on the Banded Leggings I made a while ago, and I do a little bit better job explaining it then.  But here we go -

Folded in half, it’s the same width as the bottom of my pant leg, and double as tall as you want it.  Sew it up the sideseam, with right sides together:

Then cuff it, so you see the right side of the fabric on the inside and the outside of the cuff:

Turn the pj pants so the right-side is out.  Slide the cuff on the leg upside-down, so the raw edges are lined up.  Sew along the raw edge (insert piping if you want to go all out).  That’s it!

I love them!!

photoDo you have a favorite pattern for lounge or pajama pants??  I’d love to hear it!

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Looks great! I plan on deconstructing my favorite pair (that ripped last fall) to make a pattern for a new pair, same way I did for my pj shorts.

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    That is from the Amy Butler book – I too loved that photo so I bought the book, but I found that when I made the pattern the PJ pants are really high wasted – not like in the picture – in the end i tried to modify the pattern but I don’t think I did it very well as then the crotch rode up!!! Yours look great :)

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