Fabric Flower Headband Wrap

I have wanted to make a Fabric Flower Headwrap Headband thing forever, and I finally did!  I don’t know what took so long to just get to it – it was a fun and simple project:

It has been on my to-do list since last summer, when I saw the tutorial from Rae Gun Ramblings over on Family Ever After HERE:

And I STILL want to make a Red White and Blue one like hers – love that!!  Anyways, then I saw some from Vintage Rose Wraps at the Queen Bee Market at SNAP and fell in love again.  If you are looking for the perfect headwrap, they are where you want to shop – I want one of theirs!  See this perfection:

Meanwhile, I decided to see if I could make myself some.  So I made one for each of my girls, and one for me.  I didn’t really do a tutorial – you can see the one from Rae Gun Ramblings for the general idea, or just buy one from Vintage Rose Wraps.

A few things that I did:
The band – she just used raw edges in the tutorial.  I thought about sewing 2 bands together, so it would be the right-side of fabric on the inside and look finished, but in the end I just hemmed the sides with a really narrow hem.
The flower - instead of gathering and twisting and going from inside to out like I normally make flowers, I switched it up.  I started on the outside edge and I kind of folded and turned and just held it with my hands til  it looked like an organized blob.  Then I sewed on top of it all in a pointy swirl – you can kind of see that here:

I like how it lays flat against the headband instead of sticking up and being poofy – – poofy ones are cute, I just wanted the flat look:

This made for a fun group craft – several of us made them and they all came out different.  It was fun to see our different styles and personalities.

Then just wear and enjoy!  I think I like it best when I’m wearing a ponytail, etc – it just adds a little fun to an everyday do.  Of course the only picture I have of myself is when my hair is down – that works too.

And of course the girls enjoyed theirs!

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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