Pony Bead Lizard Tutorial

Looking for an awesome craft to do with kiddos??  I’ve got ya covered!

I know, you’re thinking “Isn’t it the middle of the Red White Blue Series?!? what about that?” – – you’re right, and here’s to you, the ever-observant blog reader:  Patriotic Lizards
This project is part of the Michael’s Summer Adventure program, which I love the idea behind – unplug and reconnect via fun activities and crafts this summer:

At Cub Scout Day Camp, the pony bead projects (pony = the type of beads, not the animal/shape being made) were a huge hit.  Boys made more at home, had lizard wars, etc.  

My oldest was so excited that all my other kids were too – and we had to make an emergency trip to Michael’s the next day to stock up on pony bead animal supplies (love these multi-color kits I found at Michael’s - keeps it organized, and gives tons of options.  Use a coupon!)

The kids are no strangers to pony bead animals – they’ve made various versions at Grandma Day Camp:

When we were making them, and my kids were showing friends how to make them, I thought “this would make a great video tutorial”.  And so here ya go – – my kid can teach your kid how to create a Bead Lizard! Young ones these days, they can watch a tutorial and know exactly how to do something – they catch on so quick.  The video is about 8 minutes, so not too long:

If you want a visual pattern, here’s that – the blue line is one string and the white line is the other string:

Voila, once you create one and kind of get the feel for how they go together, you’ll want to make a bunch.  My kids keep making them to give away to friends.

And once you master the lizard, there are TONS of other patterns out there – just search online for “free pony bead animal patterns” and start browsing – here’s my daughter tackling the monkey.  Oh, and heads up, we could not find brown pony beads – so you make “fun” colors work and think outside the box – like a pink monkey.


Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Oh my goodness this brings back memories! I remember making all kinds of these animals when I was a kid (I am 25 now). I can’t believe kids are still doing this… so fun!

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    Heck yeah! I loved making these with my mom when I was younger! We made all sorts of animals. We even made tiny lizards with seed beads and dental floss. Lots of fun!


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