Easy DIY Flower Hairclips

In case you missed my guest post on the Summer Camp series over at Design Dazzle, here ya go – it’s a fun one!  Summer Camp Crafting – my favorite!!  Today’s project are simple DIY Flower Hairclips:

First up, gather round your girls that are eager to craft and supplies – you’ll need some alligator clips (I buy these in bulk so that we always have some on hand), tin full of flowers (you’ll find these in the scrapbooking section), hot glue gun, and buttons:

Your crafters will need to spend time figuring out their layers – which colors of flowers and button they want on their clip.  This is the funnest part!

 After that is decided, lay it all out in order – in this example below, the purple button goes on top of the teal flower which goes on top of the purple flower, which will attach to the clip.

Then simply use the hot glue to attach the layers together.  I start at the top – glue the button to the center of the top flower.  Then glue that to the next flower down and so on.  Glue the whole stack to the hairclip.  That’s it!  This is a fun quick project with immediate enjoyable outcome.

Wear on pigtails or to pull back bangs, etc.  My girls love being able to wear their crafts proudly!

For more super fun ideas, come see me at www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – it’s awesome over there!

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