Everyday Cow Wear (Costume?)

If you’re a fan of Chick-fil-a, you know that last week was Cow Appreciation Day.  And what does that mean??  You can drop $30 on fabric so you can make outfits and earn yourself a free lunch (which, said lunch probably would have only cost $20…. seems about right) – we LOVE dressing up each year.  I wanted to step up our outfits this year…

 Way back in 2009 I used cow fabric to make my girls some simple skirts.  They’ve been wearing them each year since – I thought that the size 2T skirts should finally be retired this year, seeing as the girls are 8 and 6 years old…. here’s 2009, for your reference:

So – the day before Cow Appreciation Day, I swung by and grabbed some fabric.  I had thought I’d do simple peasant dresses for the girls the next morning, but then I realized that even easier than that would be pillowcase dresses – perfect! And they can grow with the girls – as the dresses get to short, they can turn into tunic tops.  I was able to make 2 pillowcase dresses for them, one pillowcase tunic for me, and a pair of shorts for my oldest, all before we headed for lunch at 11am.  Phew!!

I made these just like regular pillowcase dresses, but added the pop of pink on the trim and casing.  I talk about how to make that on my Shirred Pillowcase Dress Tutorial – so you can follow that, just don’t do the contrasting band across the middle or the shirring.  Actually, if you did a middle band in pink it would be super cute – I was just trying to make them really fast and so it was basics for me.

Love when they enjoy getting their picture taken!

 Shorts whip up so easy – the shorts pattern from Dana at MADE is my go-to – love it!!

Trying to take pictures with a 10 year old boy is crazy.  Me “what are you doing do there?!”  Him “posing – take my picture like I’m a cow”

 Me: “how about turning around so I can see the fit in the back”  Him: stick out rear and giggle.

 For me, I just made the same pillowcase-type dress like I did for my girls, but I was low on fabric, so it’s more of a tunic top than a dress.  For my preschooler, we borrowed a cow costume, so he didn’t need anything.  I put my second grader in charge of making ears on headbands for everyone – she just cut out felt and hot glued it on.  It was a fun time!

So if you ever need a quick cow outfit – or any theme really, as long as you can find fabric for it – go with a pillowcase dress.  I love how it’s a costume, but it can be everyday wear also. Super cute, Super easy

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Love it!! We have participated in Cow Appreciation Day for 3 years now. Last year I made my girls similar Pillow Case Dresses & thought the same thing you did about how you probably would have paid less for the food then the fabric. Nonetheless…it was fun! :)

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