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carissa from carissa miss here again and i’m really excited to share some fun and exciting news this month! 
we are going to welcome baby #2 into our family december 9th:) you can imagine that there is a lot to do and get ready before then so make sure you stop by the blog and check out some of the awesome tutorials i’ve got cooking. 
but first, before any of the awesome DIYing can really begin, i have to get the designing done. of course, it’s my favorite part:) i revealed my nursery designs last week for if this baby is a boy or if it’s a girl and so i thought it’d be perfect to share some fun nursery art this month. of course i have baby on my mind:) 
if you look at the little boy’s room design, i mentioned that i plan to only change one color in the design for each gender. for a boy i’ve picked navy and orange as the fun accent colors. paired with gray and mint it’s an unexpected color pallette! 

here’s a FREE PRINTABLE for you in honor of baby boy!

for a girl, i couldn’t resist some pink:) but, with a gray and navy and mint pallette, pink is actually understated. this little print is the perfect addition. 
here’s a FREE PRINTABLE for you in honor of baby girl!

happy pinning!

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