Rainbow Crayon Holder

Supplies for this post were provided by Michael’s Stores – project idea and opinions are my own.

Yes, even if you’re in denial, it’s coming (or has already arrived) – Back-To-School!!    I would love to celebrate it as I do all holidays – via crafting!  The first thing that comes to mind when I think of a new year of school is new crayons… and so about about a way to organize them…

Crayons are so cheap this time of year, so stock up!  I think we used about 5 boxes to fill our cans.  And for you I have a quick tutorial on how I made the holder to organize crayons…

You’ll need:
–mini cans of veggies
–balsa wood – yes, Michael’s carries wood that’s perfect for craft projects
–wood glue (maybe hot glue would work in a pinch?)
–scrapbook paper

If you’re intimidated by wood projects, this one is for you!  I did use a hand saw, but other than that, no big tools needed, and the wood is pretty thin – I wonder if you could even cut it with scissors…  I used a flat board and a couple other pieces for trim on the sides:

I put my cans on so I could see how long I needed the boards.  I also noted that I needed to attach the trim to the edge of the board, not on top, because the cans didn’t leave side room:

I used a handsaw to cut them to length:

And wood glue to secure them into place – this is so the cans will stay on the organizer:

While drying, weigh it down with something heavy on the top – I grabbed the drill because it was within reach, but anything will work:

Meanwhile, eat a bunch of veggies to empty your cans.  Or dump them into a random container.  These cans are about half the size of normal veggie cans – so cute!  Then wrap them with a strip of scrapbook paper, one for each color of the rainbow.  I secured it to the can with hot glue:

Then I spraypainted the holder, but I didn’t get a picture of that, so just imagine.  And I go to put the cans in – and I completely forgot to put the trim pieces along the edge – I had glued them to the top – oops!  So my cans barely didn’t fit.  Trevor, ever the problem-solver, worked some magic:

and squished the sides of each can in like so – it worked perfectly!

Super super cute!  Love it!

Trevor asked me what it was for, and I told him that was irrelevant because it was too cute!  But really, I’ll probably use it when I teach preschool, etc – it’s pretty handy not to have to dig for colors.

See anything wrong with this picture below??

 True story – I did a whole photo shoot (er, 3 minutes of pictures on my front porch) with the colors in the wrong order – whoops!  My kiddos helping hold the background said “I thought those were supposed to be in rainbow order” – um, yeah, you’re right.  Now let’s do all those pictures over again!

You can find tons of craft supplies at Michael’s Stores to craft your way through back to school – and they even have a Lookbook on their site for ideas:

Michaels Back to School info:

·         Michaels offers a 15 percent discount for teachers every day. Make sure to talk to a store associate during your next trip to learn more.
·         Need a large quantity of one back to school item but don’t see enough on the shelves? Michaels offers a bulk ordering program where you can order as many supplies as you need and save up to 20 percent.
·         Don’t forget to download the Michaels app so that you will always have the latest deals and coupons at your fingertips in case you need last minute school supplies.

 Really – love that app – use it ALL. THE. TIME!!

Have a happy back-to-school!!  We go back Aug 14th, so about a week and a half away….

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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  1. says

    I love this idea. We have so many crayons and markers. Right now they are in pencil cases. I love the idea of the art supplies being more accessible now that my boys are older. Have you had any problems with sharp edges on the cans? Thanks for sharing this amazing project!

    • says

      we haven’t had any problems with the edges of the cans. My kiddos aren’t super young, so that might help. You can also use those can openers that cut a safe edge. Good luck!

  2. says

    We must be thinking alike this week. I wrapped veggies cans with paper too… for a homework caddy. This is a super cute idea for the crayons (and I would have completely done the same thing and taken a bunch of pictures with the crayons “out of order” only to have my children correct me :) )
    Erin @ the-organized-life recently posted…Back to School: RoutinesMy Profile

  3. Julie says

    I just made these but spray painted the cans the different colors. I will say that I cut myself several times while cleaning the cans so I decided to take a pliers and bend down the inside edge carefully and now it’s not sharp at all. I do have children and I just felt it was safer.


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