Checkers Skirt

Check out this cuteness- – yep, a checkers-inspired skirt of awesomeness:

In case you missed it, I was a part of Sew Ready to Play over at I’m Feelin’ Crafty.  I tried to think of the most popular game at our house, which by far is checkers.  We all LOVE it!  Everyone knows how to play (even a 3 year old can understand the rules) and I love it because it doesn’t drag on and on – I can sit down and play a game and then move on to other chores I need to get done, crafts that need to be made, you know.. (the kids are moving on to chess, but I don’t even “get” that one – they know more than I do).  I found that floor checkers set at a garage sale for $1 – and it reminded me of the exact kind I had growing up, so of course I had to buy it!

And so I dreamed up the Checkers Skirt:
This would be super-easy to make if you had some large checkered fabric on hand.  But I didn’t.  It still wasn’t hard – let me walk you through it.

First I cut the black and the white fabric into 4 inch strips:

And I sewed them back together, alternating colors, like so:

Then, I turned those sewed strips on their side and again cut 4 inch strips, as shown:

Then I sewed those strips back together, being sure to stagger the black and white to make the checkerboard effect.  I cut off any excess to make a large rectangle and then sewed the short ends together (right sides together) to make a big tube/skirt form.

I made a casing at the top and inserted elastic:

And I serged (you could zig zag) the bottom hem and then covered it with some cute red lace as a fun accent:

For the pocket that plays off of a round checkerpiece, I cut 2 circles (just trace something you have sitting around, like a lid)

Then I sewed those two circles with right sides together, leaving an opening that is an inch or two wide.  Clip all around the seam to help it lay flatter, then turn the circle right-side out through the hole.

Sew it to the skirt, leaving the top of the circle unattached so that it will function as a pocket.

I love how it came out!!  Simple, but really makes a statement, and has a definite shout-out to our love of checkers!

Hope to see you over at Sugar Bee Crafts!

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