The Anywhere Dress

Super excited to be on the tour for Go To Patterns. I am showcasing the Anywhere Dress, which is one. awesome. pattern.  It really is a go-to!

Fall gets super busy and it’s hard to fit in all the blog tours and guest posts that I would love to do – – but I knew I could fit this in…. because I already sewed up some dresses and never blogged about them.  What?!  I know, right – how could I slip this one past you!  So here they are, in all their blog glory.

I will tell you how easily this dress comes together – – it was the Sunday before 4th of July and I thought it’d be super fun to dress the family in Red, White, and Blue, but the girls didn’t have anything.  So I just sewed them up a couple of dresses that morning before church.  True story!  I know it’s Kid’s Clothing Week, showcasing things we’re all making this week – – so this is a cheat, because it was made months ago.

The neckline is easy because you don’t have to hem it – which is where I have trouble with knits.  It’s just a quick interfacing that turns in – perfect.  And then just adding sleeves and sewing up the side seams.  It comes together really easily – it’s a great project for a beginner working with knits.

I was especially excited about the little band on the sleeves – I cut it against the grain so that the strips line up the other way – fun little detail.  The girls loved their dresses – super cozy.  I did add some length – I love when dresses can last and last, so I wanted to build in some extra growing room.
Go check out Go-To Patterns and all they have to offer!

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