Blog Calendar Notebook via Michaels Recollection Calendar Kit

You might have seen this super-fun calendar kit at Michaels already (I saw it there where I was doing my black Friday shopping) or via some other awesome posts by other bloggers.  I was sent the calendar to review and love how it’s an all-in-one kit, ready to go:

It is $39.99 and come with all the thing you need to put it together, in a nice box which I picture using to store your calendar like an album after the year is done – just store it on the shelf with your other scrapbooks and family momentos.  While using it, you can use it in notebook form or hang it on the wall – it has a built-in hanging feature.

As you can see above, it includes an album, blank calendar pages, stickers and 3×4 and 4×6 designer insert cards.  Which means you can customize each month’s plastic photo pocket pages with designer cards and your own photos.  It is perfect for creating month themed photo pocket style scrapbook pages you can enjoy year round.  A pretty genius system!

You can include pictures and sentiments from each month and scrapbook your year as you go.  I have an additional approach – I’m thinking of using it for my blog calendar.  It would be a great cuteness improvement to what I’ve used this year:

I’m thinking each month I’ll use the cards to write goals for the month, things I accomplished during the month, special features or noteworthy events during that month.  It will be fun to keep all my blog dated notes in one area and have a record of everything!

Go check out the Recollections Calendar Kit at Michaels and see if it will work for you!

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