December 14, 2013

Christmas Cards!! (with Tiny Prints)

It seems like everyone is one type of person or the other - die-hard card sender, or just "eh" - - I for one LOVE sending cards each year.  It's so so fun.  This year I was able to review some cards from Tiny Prints, and they are awesome.

I mixed and matched and ended up getting a couple of different card types, and I want to tell you about them both.  First up, the clear cards - wow kapow, these are amazing.  Check this out:
It's hard to tell, but they're mega-thick and amazing.  I knew they were clear, but I pictures a flimsy velum type of material.  I was blown away when these came - they are a thick hard plastic.  So fancy!  Kind of like your picture is printed on a thin piece of plexiglass or something.

I haven't seen them offered anywhere else, so you'd better run to Tiny Prints to check them out.  They come with free design service and people look over everything to make sure it's okay - amazing customer service.  For example, the tail of the "r" was going through Trevor's head so the designer adjusted the swirl and moved it off to the side.  The only downside to these cards is that they are a little pricier than most.  My solution was to order a few clear ones and then a bunch of the regular cards (the hard part will be deciding who gets which - but they're both great!)

The past couple of years I've gone with a flat cardstock card instead of a photo-paper card, and I just love that weight and quality.  These are no exception.  Tiny Prints lets you pick a card design you like, and then you can pick a custom shape, matching envelopes and address labels, etc.  Obviously I'm weak for shaped cards - I just love how these turned out:

 I wish I could give one to every one of you - - this is as close as I can get:
 I get crazy-busy during the holiday season, but one thing I never cut off my to-do list is cards.  I love getting them, love giving them.  Love looking at yearly updates and holiday wishes from family and friends.  Jump on the card bandwagon if you haven't already.  And I love this year's from Tiny Prints!

Now, one more thing I want to address - - I think the biggest excuse to not getting a card done is "we don't have a good family picture" - that's no excuse!  I actually do photography on the side and got swamped taking other people's pictures so that I didn't even fit in my own family photo session this year (or .  But that's totally okay (I'm a big fan of every-other-year family photos - no reason to do them every year unless you have kiddos under 3 years old - then do it cause they change a lot in those first few years).  Anyways, you can still get a snapshot and use that - totally works.  Set your camera on a timer, gather everyone, and take a quick pictures.  Last year I took a picture of just the kiddos and used that.  Any picture will work - it doesn't have to be fancy.  This year I just did a quick snapshot of us wrapped in lights.  It's not great, and that's okay!  Then since we had the lights out, my brother's family took one too.  No stress, no hassle - just snap a pic!

So, you're assignment this weekend (if you haven't already) - - snap a family pic, order some cards - you'll get them by what, Wed/Thur?  Then drop them in the mail Friday and everyone can receive your card Christmas Eve.  Perfect.


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Those are terrific! And probably a card that people will keep for a while, rather than throwing it out January 1.

Your hair is looking so lovely! It is gorgeous long!

I love the clear card! How unique!

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