Couch Crafting with #KleenexTarget

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It’s that time of year – – yep, sniffles abound! When not feeling great, cuddle up on the couch and watch movies, but what else? The kiddos like to stay occupied – bust out the couch crafting!

Yes, it’s true. We battle sickness with crafts :) Crafting supplies and Kleenex, what more could you need?!

The trick it to keep it really simple – if you’re not feeling that great, you don’t want to tackle a complicated project. I thought fuzzy stick and pony beads were the perfect thing – easy to assemble with tons of freedom to make whatever you’d like. We started by making ornaments, but branched out in to other fun as well. Which was perfectly fine – roll with the flow!

 Don’t forget to have Kleenex nearby – – if you’re like my house, whomever has the runny nose is carrying the box from room to room.  You just can’t be without it!  You can even use THIS COUPON to get $1 off Kleenex 4 packs or larger (you know I love a deal!) when you shop at Target.

 So, the instructions on the craft – there are no instructions!  Just let the kiddos let their imagination run.  You will need pony beads and fuzzy sticks:

And then you can string the beads onto the sticks however you’d like.

Things to note:
–I love using fuzzy sticks with pony beads – they are easier for younger children to thread on the beads than twine, etc
–They are easy to manipulate – when you bend them, they hold their shape easily.
–Tons of color choices out there!
–To make something longer, just twist the ends of two sticks together.
–Everyone loves this craft – from my 5 year old to my 11 year old, everyone had to make some.

A glimpse at the ornaments they made – they’re already on the tree:

After making those, everyone started getting goofy with the fuzzy sticks – – mustaches all around…

 And glasses and a mohawk – endless possibilities!

So grab your Kleenex (with COUPON! when purchased at Target), blanket, favorite movie, and crafting supplies, and hunker down and enjoy laying around :)

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