Cruise Vacation!

Hi Everyone!!  I just got back from vacation – yep!  We took the whole family on a Caribbean Cruise last week, and yes, it was awesome.  Here’s a glimpse into the fun:

We went with Royal Caribbean and hit Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Haiti.  We gorged on the food and unlimited ice cream cones (5 a day, completely normal) and enjoyed on-boat fun like rock climbing, surfing, ice skating, etc.  At our stops we swam with sting rays, snorkeled, lived up the beach life, and did a couple of tours of amazing waterfalls.  Trevor and I have been on a cruise before, but it was a first for the kids and they did great.  We also took my parents along for the fun.  Overall it was awesome and maybe one day I’ll do a rambling blog post about it.  For now, I’m off to the massive laundry pile that is calling and to make sure I have everything ready for Christmas!

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    I want to hear more!!! WE are going on our first ever cruise on the 18th of Jan. with the kids. It’s also with Royal Carib. out of Houston to different ports. I’m most worried about the fun on board the ship–i don’t think ours has rock climbing! I don’t want to have the kids play in the kid area too much, i want to all play together. would love to hear more, looks like fun!!

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