Duck Tape Holiday Chain

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Ah, Duck Tape, with Duck Brand® .  Aren’t you just loving the latest patterns and colors they’ve been putting out?  Did you know they even have holiday patterns? – it’s true!  it makes for some great crafting!  Yes, join in on the fun with Duck the Halls!

Duck Tape Holiday Prints 
- Seasonal Sweets 
- Snowman 
- Holiday Bows 
- Penguin 
- any seasonal colors

What would you make with holiday Duck Tape?  Possible project ideas could be unique Holiday place mats, name cards, centerpiece items, make a Holiday decor piece , or even do some Holiday gift wrapping with Duck Tape Holiday designs.  So many possibilities!

We made a chain (think paper chain, but awesomer) and it turned out great.  I really love it because with paper, the design is only on the outside, but with this chain and the way it’s constructed, the pattern is visible from every angle.

And it’s really easy to make – get your kiddos involved too!

Cut strips of tape about 12 inches long (depending on how big you would like your links – you can make this smaller or larger).  Then fold each of these strips in half lengthwise, as shown below:

Now you have a double-sided strip.  To make it into a link, just connect the two short ends by slightly overlapping them and covering the joint with a small piece of matching tape, as shown below:

Continue making links and connecting them one inside the next until your chain is as long as you’d like it to be.  The hardest part is deciding where to hang it!

Duck Brand® is on Twitter @TheDuckBrand 
Be sure to follow @TheDuckBrand for tons of creative inspiration!  and Duck the Halls!

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