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Have you seen those super cute feathery and glittery cone trees? You can make them too! They are super easy; you can even have your little helpers make some too.

I’m Ginger from Gingerly Made where I love to write about all things crafts, food, and family. My two daughters, ages 2 and 4, love to help me with as many projects as they can. I’m super excited to be guest posting at Sugar Bee and showing this quick holiday project that the kids can help with too.

To get started, collect your supplies

  • styrofoam cones
  • Mod Podge
  • brushes
  • glitter
  • a feather boa

Make sure to cover your work surface because this one can get a little messy whether you’re working with the kids or not.

Brush a styrofoam cone with Mod Podge and don’t be shy about it. The styrofoam is really porous so you’ll need to put on a heavy coat of the glue. Then if you can get the boa off your kids, wrap it around the cone making sure there are no gaps of blank cone showing.

Set that one aside to dry and apply the glue to your next cone. This time sprinkle glitter all over your cone.

Because you’ll have to touch some of the cone to hold it and turn it, you’ll end up with a few holes in the glitter where your fingers were. Let it dry as is. Come back after it’s dried and apply more glue and glitter to cover the finger spots.

Now you have some really cute textural elements in your holiday decorations!

Thanks for letting me share my project with you. I hope you’ll stop over at Gingerly Made and check out some of my other projects like this Burlap Wreath Tutorial and Pico de Gallo Recipe. I also host a weekly Show & Tell link up party and would love to have you join in the fun.

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