Glitter Christmas Light Bulb Necklace

This is a sponsored post for Michaels – all opinions are my own – I really do LOVE their glitter!

A year or two ago my aunt glittered up some Christmas light bulbs – um, ah-mazing!  It went on my mental to-do list.  When I was given the opportunity to make a project using Michael’s glitter, I knew that would be just the one!

My first thought was “where can I get some old light bulbs” – but my aunt pointed out that you can just buy replacement bulbs – duh!  I grabbed a pack of 4 replacement bulbs – it was a whopping $1.  So I got several sets.
So when you glitter them up, you can use them in decor and just sitting around – which is way cute:

But I have an additional idea for you – a necklace!  I had a Christmas Light bulb necklace my mom crafted when I was a kid, so it’s throw-back for me.

I did that classic Christmas necklace version, and then I did an ombre version – that is the fun of having a multi-pack of glitter – tons of color choices!

To make a necklace, first drill into the base of the light bulbs.  Yes, this is doable!  I did it myself (hence the lack of pictures – I was behind the drill).  Just go slow and steady and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Drill a hole in one spot and then a second hole directly across from that spot.  You can’t go all the way through in one shot because you might hit glass.  It might cause some sharp edges so you’ll want to sand those down.

To glitter the bulb, you’ll need fine glitter (love this multipack Recollections glitter from Michael’s), Mod Podge, and a foam brush.  And bowl if you want to contain the mess (star wars themed is optional).

Use the brush to coat the bulb in Mod Podge:

Then hold over the bowl while you shake glitter onto it, turn it and being sure to coat the whole bulb:

I rigged up a drying station by poking holes in a cardboard box and setting the base of the bulbs in the holes:
After the Mod Podge was dry, I sprayed them with a coat of clear spray paint so that the glitter will be less likely to flake off over time – I missed getting a picture of that step, so just visualize it in your head.
To make it into a necklace, thread the bulbs onto a wire or twine. I found that ball chain worked best for me.  Remember there might be a center of glass inside where you drilled the holes, so you have to shimmy your string around it inside the bulb.  It’s doable, just a little tricky.
Wear and enjoy!  But warning, I have vivid memories of wearing a Christmas Bulb necklace as a kid and running full speed in a church gym, and my necklace bouncing into itself and glass shattering everywhere – so there is that risk….  but as long as you’re not wild, it shouldn’t break.
I love love love glitter!  It just adds that extra awesomeness to any project.  Michaels Recollections glitter is available starting at $3.99 exclusively at Michaels stores and comes in a range of colors and textures (very fine, chunky and tinsel). It can be purchased in a set or individually and is perfect for a variety of craft projects. 
glitter bulb necklace how-to tutorial

Here’s a sneak peek of a project coming up on the blog later this week, that I couldn’t resist adding glitter to…

Stay tuned for that!

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