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Hey y’all! I am just giddy to be joining you today to share this super easy tutorial to make your very own glitzy monogram platter just in time for your next fabulous holiday celebration. *** Squeal with delight ***

monogram platter cover 

 Now, before I dive right in … I do owe you the courtesy of a proper introduction, right? I’m B from Being Bianca and (probably like many of you) when I’m not tending to the boys in my life or working the “day job”; you can always find me up to something crafty! It’s a known fact around these parts that if you sit still long enough in my house, you may very well be spray painted gold or monogrammed. My poor family goes to sleep every night with this fear and after seeing this tutorial you may just agree! This little platter started as a …. well, “pin-fail”. Ok, perhaps not a fail as much as a “pin didn’t wash so well”. I’m sure you have seen those projects outlining how you can take a really inexpensive plate and use a Sharpie to decorate the plate or platter as your heart desires. Then, simply bake it off in the oven and presto … darling magic platter. Ring a bell? I think I have gathered up at least five pins like this over the past year or two. What started as a presh platter that I hand wrote the words to my first dance song with Dear Hubs from our wedding turned into a basically smeared black and white, somewhat legible, definitely not something for entertaining plate in the back of the cabinet after just a few washes (hand washes … mind you). While a bit sentimental, this resourceful crafty diva took that plate and made her over into a glitzy monogram that will make my beverage cart the envy of drag queens near or far. That’s right, y’all … she’s dolled up in the very finest gold glitter and just perfect for this season’s holiday entertaining! Here’s how to make your own in just a few minutes and on a shoestring budget. You will need ….

  • A plate or platter – old or new … any find works. (This one is from the 365 series from Ikea)
  • Mod Podge (I swear I could buy stock in this stuff!)
  • A paint brush
  • Glitter
  • Two sided adhesive paper or tape (I used Silhouette brand)
  • Clear coat finish spray paint

monogram platter steps v2
 The steps are easy to follow, you simply ….

  1. Ensure your platter is clean … pre-work, ladies … pre-work.
  2. Cover the entire rim of the platter with a full coat of Mod Podge. Go on now, don’t be stingy…. Put a good coat on it. Make sure the ring of your plate or platter is even. I had a very easy to follow natural rim on this platter, but if you don’t just simply take the extra time to tape it off or go back with a wet towel and clean up any mishaps with the Mod Podge.
  3. Go crazy with the glitter. Shake it on all over the Mod Podge area. I would suggest doing this over a paper bag, box or a sink for easy clean up.
  4. Once you have the rim complete it’s time to turn your attention to the center. I whipped up this monogram on my Silhouette machine but you could easily craft a design using a stencil and Mod Podge or two sided adhesive paper or tape. I chose to use the two sided adhesive paper because it goes on (just like double side tape) and you don’t have to wait for dry time…. Tick, tock.
  5. Position your design on the center of the plate and cover this design with glitter as well.
  6. Once complete, shake off any remaining glitter and let the entire plate dry overnight.
  7. The next day, dust off any glitter from the “non-glitter” parts of the plate. You need to be thorough with this step.
  8. Clear coat the entire platter with clear spray. This will allow the glitter shine to stay but will keep little glitter particles in place (else you will find glitter EVERYWHERE!).
monogram platter bar cart 

 Right now, my glitzy monogrammed platter is parked on my well appointed, retro beverage cart but she’s ready to move at a moments notice. I’m using her at several parties this holiday season. It’s important to note that this is for decorative touches only and is NOT food safe once you have embellished it. That said, you can easily put a glass plate over the design to host treats or snacks for guests. What a lovely surprise once all of your tasty treats have been eaten! Stop on over to Being Bianca and see all the travels of this little pretty as well as the parties, gatherings and fun themselves! Y’all have a fab holiday season and in joy every moment of this most wonderful time of the year!

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