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Hi there!  Today I’m going to show you how to make this easy lace Christmas tree for you to display in your home!  It’s cute right?
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I love working with canvas, especially for the holidays!  You can just replace a picture that is already hanging on your wall with an easy canvas that doesn’t need to be framed!  Then, switch it back out when the holidays are over! 

The Christmas tree is an easy shape to work with. 

For the lace tree:
Choose your lace color.  You won’t need very much, but that also depends on how dense you want your lace and how full you want your tree.  I only used 2 2inch legths of lace (cut off of my half yard piece).  You could also buy the lace that comes on a roll, that has one finished edge, would totally work too.  You could choose not to gather the lace in that case.

Here is my lace… and lace cut.

I tied a knot with my embroidery thread onto the end of the lace.

I started threading up and down through the lace, pushing it down the thread to gather it. 
I eyeballed all of these lengths.  You have some give with all of it.

I started with my longest piece and determined that length based on the size of my canvas.

I kept making lengths until I had enough for a full tree.
This tree has six pieces.
I layed them out as I went to see how it would look.

Next I put a trunk on my tree with ribbon. 
I glued it down on the front then brought it all the way back to glue it.  That way you don’t have to worry about finished edges.

Went ahead and cut off the excess. 
I began adding my lace.  I began by covering the trunk.
Keep gluing and building.

Now you can add the tree topper.  Buttons, jewels, large brads, just about anything could work!
For this tree I decided on a small piece of jewelry.  I took the jump rings off the ends.

Um, then I decided I wanted my tree to be more monochromatic.  So I replaced both the ribbon and the trunk ribbon!!!  See, we don’t all nail it the first time around!  Making changes is fine!

Here is the finished tree.  You can see the ribbon a little better in real life.

Easy right?  You can take this idea and change the colors and materials a little to make it all your own!

Here is how it looks on my gallery wall.  Easy enough?
Here is the canvas project I did last year for Christmas… sparkle tree canvas.
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Be sure to stop by!  I’ll see you soon over at CCMcAfee}Perspective!!!
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