December 13, 2013

Merry and Bright LAYERED WREATH

What is holidays without a new festive wreath?  I had to make a new one for the fun of it (and just think, a few short years ago I was attempting my first wreath - now I'm hooked!)

I was sent some crafting supplies from FloraCraft in round rings of styrofoam.  I loved how they nested and immediately thought it'd be awesome to do a wreath inside of a wreath.  Adds more color and dimension and fun!
FloraCraft makes the Styrogoam Make It: Fun and their website has tons of fun project ideas so be sure to check it out.  And then check out their blog, Crafts 'n Coffee!

I knew I wanted to go with bold bright colors, so I picked up red stripes and green chevron fabric.  To balance the brightness, I also grabbed some fun burlap ribbon.

  Basic Steps to Make This Wreath:
--tear fabric into strips
--wrap strips around wreath forms
--hang with burlap ribbon
You can do this!

So first, cut or rip your fabric into strips.  I ripped mine, because it's faster, and because I like the look of the ripped edge:

Then I simply wrapped those strips around the large wreath form.  I secured the ends with hot glue and when one strip ended I glued it down, then glued down the start of the next strip and kept wrapping.  I made sure the strip seams were on the back of the wreath form.

Repeat with a smaller wreath form that will fit inside the larger wreath form.  Then using burlap ribbon, tie the smaller one where it hangs inside the larger one and top with a bow, as you can see below.  I added some rustic jingle bells for that extra touch of awesomeness.

Then stand back and enjoy!!  I love how a simple project like this (less than 30 minutes) can have such a big impact - it's a win win.

Since this is a simple project, you have plenty of time still to pull it off.  Go grab your supplies and give it a go.

Big Thanks to FloraCraft and their Foam for the Holidays:


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Love this! The bright colors are so fun, and so is the printed burlap ribbon. Thank you!

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