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If you’re looking for a quick (but cute) handmade gift, you’d definitely want to check out this tutorial for a loopy scarf that is sewn — not knit or crocheted. Loopy Scarf Tutorial Hi! I’m Carol and I am thrilled to have my first-ever guest post here on Sugar Bee Crafts. I blog over at Pure Sugar, where you’ll find recipes, craft ideas (mostly involving yarn), and bits and pieces of my life in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. fbavatar1012 At a local craft night last December, one of my friends was whipping up these cozy, fuzzy scarves for teacher gifts. When she showed me how easy they are to sew, I immediately made a few for last-minute gifts on my list! The best part of this project is that you don’t need any special skills to make it — all you’re doing is sewing straight. Here’s what you’ll need: Loopy Scarf Tutorial A sewing machine One skein of Homespun yarn (or a similar bulky yarn) Coordinating thread Basic sewing notions Set your sewing machine to a zig-zag stitch. Adjust so that the stitch is somewhat narrow. Loopy Scarf Tutorial Next, decide how wide you want the scarf. I like to make mine approximately six inches wide, mostly because that width makes the looping easy. There are about three inches on the left and I use a rubber band to mark three inches to the right (for a total of six inches). Loopy Scarf Tutorial Loopy Scarf Tutorial Now you’re ready to start looping! Holding the end of the yarn, make “loops” from side to side. Repeat this until you have about 1.5-2 inches “looped” and then carefully move up the yarn so that it’s under your needle. Slowly start sewing, being sure to backstitch at the beginning. Try to get the yarn strands really close to each other, but don’t bunch them up into a pile. Loopy Scarf Tutorial Loopy Scarf Tutorial Loopy Scarf Tutorial When you finish sewing together the first few loops, make sure to leave your needle down to secure the yarn while you continue making loops. You simply repeat this process until the scarf is as long as you’d like! Loopy Scarf Tutorial Just in case the directions aren’t clear from the photos, I made a quick video explaining how to sew the scarf together. Hopefully that will clear up any questions. As you sew, you’ll see that your scarf appears flat as it comes out the other end of your machine. Once you’re done, you’ll just fluff out the scarf and voila! You have no-knit, no-crochet scarf that sews up in about an hour. Loopy Scarf Tutorial

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stop by Pure Sugar for more great holiday ideas like my Country Christmas Crochet Garland and Italian Anise Cookies!

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    Great tutorial! BTW, I wrapped the yarn around a ruler to make the loops, and though it was a bit tricky, I think it was faster than making each loop in front of the presser foot. I’m happy to share details, if anyone wants to know. :-)


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