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February 28, 2013

Crocheted Slippers

I did it!  I made some crocheted slippers - it's a proud crochet moment.

Let me tell you all about these...

Canister Labels - and a Silhouette GIVEAWAY!

YES, that title says GIVEAWAY - get excited - that's on down....
I know I've told you a million times - I love my Silhouette - you can see lots of my projects here: Awesome Projects using a Silhouette Machine.  Just yesterday I cranked out some labels for my canisters - I love how I can think of something I want to do and just get it done.  These look great, but I shined them up TOO much - it made for tricky picture-taking!
before I show you more too-shiny pictures, a heads up, it's promotion time at Silhouette:
let's here all about that and see more pictures...and let you know about a GIVEAWAY that you won't want to miss....

February 27, 2013

Green Giant Chips

So here in the midwest, we were dumped on with a load of snow. Remember a couple of weeks ago when it was 70 degrees - not anymore!  The kids have had 3 Snow Days (like there's so much snow that school's canceled) in the last week.  Here is all the snow, trying to hide our massive castle:
So with kids home...

Showing Off - Reader Feature

I'm looking for some READERS - maybe YOU? - to do a Reader Feature - great way to give your blog a shout-out AND get to show off some amazing projects.  Just let me know if you're interested, mandybeez at gmail - - here's one from Melanie:

Showing Off - my picks

What an awesome link party - - wowza!  Let's check out these awesome projects and see if YOU were featured...

Washi Tape Deal Alert

Just popping on to let you know that Washi Tape is only $1.50 a roll today on Pick Your Plum - that's a deal! Last time they sold out, so I'd grab it pretty quickly:

WIWW - inspired

I love seeing outfits on Pinterest and realizing that I have everything in my closet to replicate the look...take this for example:
Want to see what I was replicating?  check it out....

Win $25 with

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Random giveaway time!  I know you love giveaways!  It's from, so let me tell you about them first...

February 25, 2013

Take-A-Look Tuesday

Hey everyone!  Happy Link Party day!  I wanted to point out that I'm tweaking a few things around here, getting those Most Popular Posts right up top so you can access them easily.  Thanks for all your blog love - if you want to show that you're a superstar SugarBeeCrafts blog reader, I made a button just for you:


Or you can pick my other blog buttons from their page: Sugar Bee Craft Blog Buttons

But I know before you do that, you'll want to link up - so here we go...on with the link party...

New Couch!

I am just getting around to showing you the latest awesome addition to our formal(ish) living room - - the couch and chair of fabulousness!

let me tell you all about how this came to be...

IKEA $100 giveaway from Sparkles And A Stove

Hi Sugar Bee Crafts readers! I'm excited to have the opportunity to share a little about myself and my own blog plus a really fun giveaway ($100 Ikea giftcard) on one of my very favorite blogs.
I blog over at Sparkles And A Stove sharing recipes, DIY gifts, DIY decor and crafts. My mission is making DIY projects, dinner, and memories. All with a little one on each pant leg. :-)

February 23, 2013

Doll Tutorial Roundup

My girls are full-force into the American Girl Doll phenomena - mostly with their 18 inch Target Our Generation look-alike dolls.  But still.  It's fun to make accessories and outfits for them, so I thought I'd do a quick roundup - - enjoy!  Some are from me, some are projects from around the web that I want to tackle:

Let's get to all these amazing projects - here we go:

Sponsor Shout-out

Props to the Sugar Bee Crafts SPONSORS!!  as readers, be sure to check out a couple that are appealing to you - they are supporting this blog and helping it run, so let's send some traffic love their way! Let me tell you all about them...

Tips on a Google+ Live Hangout

Do you know what a Google+ Live hangout is??  I didn't either, but I'm learning....basically, through your G+ account, you can have a Live Hangout - it's like a videochat broadcast live - isn't that cool??  I've done two now, and I learned a lot from one to the other.  You can see my first one HERE and my second one HERE.  Compare the difference - you can see that it improved!  And I have some tips for you (and I am wondering if YOU want to Hangout with ME...) - here we go:

--Make a space on your desk - - my webcam is on my desktop, so it's not a laptap that I can move to a table.  So I'm stuck at my desk - which is super narrow.  In the first video I dropped supplies more than once because I knocked them off - classy.  The second time I had space cleared for all my supplies

--Background - - in the first one, it's just my room as the background.  Which is fine, but to step it up for the second one I set up a backdrop - I think it really took things up a notch.   I used my PVC stand and my Bubblebum Backdrop - it's an easy setup.  Then I just took some heart garland from another area in my house and taped it up - - easy peasy.

You can kind of see the whole layout of my kitchen here - - computer, background right behind me, mess going on everywhere else but the viewer doesn't see that part....(click to read more and see the layout mess)

February 22, 2013

LEGO Harlem Shake

Here's one the kids (and all LEGO lovers everywhere) will enjoy....  LEGO Harlem Shake - - clearly this takes Harlem Shake to a whole new level.

And I've got some behind-the-scenes fun to show you....

{Food Contributor} Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Hi there, Sugar Bee Crafts readers! I'm Shannah, from the blog Just Us Four, and I'm here to share a new recipe with you!

The origin of this recipe dates back to a random Friday night when I was super pregnant with my youngest. I was spending some downtime hanging out with my two closest friends {they're married!} while the Mathlete was indulging his racing pastime. We were watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and they shared a brief rundown of how to make homemade ricotta.
Now, a lot of you might question why to even bother making something homemade that is so readily available at the store. I certainly did...until I made it! 

February 21, 2013

THE Bow Scarf

I made this a while back but am just getting around to blogging it (I thought it could be a scarf kind of day) - - it's a bow scarf, made from 2 scarves from the Dollar Store - so a $2 Project.  And it turned out so cute!!
Want to hear more about it?  Of course you do....

Girl and Doll Fleece Fringe Scarf

I wanted to share this matching doll and girl Fringed Fleece Scarf tutorial that I guest posted a couple of weeks ago in case you missed it - -

the project isn't mine -- it's one that my daughter received for her birthday and it is just SO CUTE that I have to show it off.  So so cute!!

The matching doll and girl Fringed Fleece Scarf:
Let's find out more about this awesomely cute scarf....

February 20, 2013

How to make a Harlem Shake Video

Have you heard of the Harlem Shake Videos that are all the rage??  the next big craze! And I have all the how-to on making one...
how to make a harlem shake video rules

but first let me tell you about the one WE made...

We got together with another family and made one - - it was fun to do!  And now I need your help sharing it, cause Trevor randomly asked me how many views I thought it'd get and I'm all "how about 1,500!" and it's only at 50 - so I'm trying to prove I'm right :)

Ours is a spoof on Family Home Evening - a time where we gather as a family for a short lesson, sing a song, play a family game, have treats, etc.  And so it's lesson time - and then it busts into craziness.  Some things to notice:
--can you find me?
--there's a little mister sporting a mermaid costume
--did you see the random kid on top of the fireplace?
--Trevor is doing clapping push-ups

so here's the video (it's only 30 seconds!) watch in awe, then share with the world!

Now, on to How to Make a Harlem Shake Video:

Showing Off - Reader Feature

Hey guys! I am Sarah, and I write over at Pretty Providence with my BFF Jess. We keep things frugal. We don't think you have to give up having fun, eating delicious food, or being stylish in order to live providently. That stuff can all be done without spending a ton of dough, and we blog to prove it!! Anyway, I am honored to be here picking my faves from this week's Take a Look Tuesday party. There are so many talented bloggers linking up here! Thank you all for sharing, now for my favorites...

Showing Off - My Picks

Did you share the Blog Comment Love yesterday??  if not (or even if so) go ahead and leave some comments for these awesome we go, let's see if one of the features is you...

WIWW - Colored Jeans

As with most trends, I was slow to catch on to colored jeans.  But, again as with most trends, once I jumped on board, I'm at it full force.  I can't stop wearing colored jeans!  And I probably need to pose the question - how many pair is too many??

You already know that I love my Mint Jeans -
follow the Click to Read More if you're on my main blog page to see all the looks I've been sporting in my colored jeans....

February 18, 2013

Take-A-Look Tuesday

Happy Link Party Day!!  but today's even more special, because it's National Leave a Blog Comment Day!
A girl and a glue gun

So after you link up, be sure to check out another post, and instead of loving it and then going about your blogstalking, leave a COMMENT - they'll love ya for it!

I'm truncating posts now, which shouldn't affect you if you're reading post-by-post using your NEXT button (that's how I read blogs) but if you're in a reader, you'll need to click over - - or if you're on my blog main page, find the "Click To Read More" to see the link party - - it's below all those squares (I'm trying to switch that around, but for now, it's below them) - - so on to the LINK PARTY!!

My Vinyl Direct

You know that Vinyl is one of my favorite things to work with - and my most favorite thing to cut in my Silhouette.  But you can also hand-cut it, so even if you don't have a cutting machine, you'll want to know about this - a great place to buy vinyl is My Vinyl Direct.  (Obviously I buy vinyl from several different places - same with fabric!)
Here's all the scoop on their awesomeness....

FanChimp - - if you sell on Etsy, this is for you!

Attention Etsy Shop Sellers - you'll be interested in this new site, FanChimp!  Basically, it's a program that you set up through and it will automatically post things from your shop onto Facebook and Twitter when it's the peak time to do so - it takes all the guesswork out for you.  Let me tell you all about it....(and it's FREE trial)...

February 16, 2013

#ROAKDIY Recap - Random Acts of Kindness

It was super fun to give our framed prints to the teachers:
Check out this next picture - it shows how big the frames are - cause they're bigger than you think...

Love Is - Printable Contributor

Hello again! Here is your FREE February printable. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to check out my etsy shop.

February 15, 2013

Master Bedroom Pillows

I am having a pillow dilemma - I don't know what I'm doing!  I know what you're thinking "didn't you revamp your master bedroom a couple of years ago??  and you're still not done?"  I'm bad about completing projects - I get them to about 90% done then move on.  That's normal, right?  So anyways, I thought it's time to put the finishing touches on my bedroom - all I have left is pillows and hanging things on the wall.

February 14, 2013

Caramel Brownies with International Delight

Oh my, check this out - some super easy Caramel Brownies for your Valentine Dessert today:

Last-Minute Valentine Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day!!  If you're one to enjoy the holiday.  If not, Happy Thursday to you!!

Need some fun ways to celebrate today??  I've got some ideas....

February 13, 2013

Showing Off - reader feature

Hi, there,  Sugar Bee Crafters!!  My name is Renee Joy of Charms Buttons and Bows  It is a pleasure to be visiting and sharing with you today.  I love sharing crafts….my favorite is scrapbooking….I also love eco-friendly crafting.  It would be great if you would visit my blog and say Hi.
Thank you so much, Mandy, for having me take part in this week’s Take-A-Look-Tuesday part.    Thanks, too, for sharing everyone.  Your projects awesome!! Here are my picks for this week:

Showing Off - My Picks

Awesome link party again - you are all amazing!  Let's take a look - -here are some things that caught my eye....

WIWW - Valentines!

As I preluded last week, I wore my red dress with an aqua cardigan - I am loving that color combo this holiday season!
more on this look after the break....

February 12, 2013

Craft It Forward, #RAOKDIY - What I Love about my Classroom

I LOVE the Pay it Forward movement - so so fun!  And this year Michael's Stores is taking it a step further with Craft it Forward - so you can image I was giddy to participate!  Love this print: "We have the POWER to MAKE the world a Beautiful Place..."

A sneak peek of what I made....with the tutorial down below....

But first, I have to let you on the info - it's such a great idea!

Yes, that's THIS WEEK!!  You can  share your own random acts of kindness on the Michaels Facebook page; use the hashtag #RAOKDIY when sharing on Twitter and Instagram.  Find the Pinterest Board HERE.  Follow along so you don't miss anything:

I was super excited about the chance to focus on creating a project specifically for someone else.  The possibilities were endless, but I finally settled on creating something for my kids' teachers.  It started with this great printable I found over at eighteen25, so you'll have to head over there to grab the download.  I printed it on a fit-to-page 11x17 paper. Ever since I joined 2013 and got a color printer, printables have been mine for the printing!  it's addicting...

And then the crafty part comes in - creating the frame.  You'll need:
--foamcore board
--spray glue
--craft paint
--wooden frame
--exacto knife

I picked up my frame at Michaels - isn't is awesome?!?  It's technically not a picture frame because the open middle doesn't have a spot to hold anything, but that's okay.  I found them on an end-cap near those small raw wooden shapes and cut-outs.  They were only $8 (if I remember right) - what a steal!

You'll paint it the color you want.  If you want after that, you could distress it or ink the edges - I liked the crisp look of solid color for mine.

Lay the dried frame over the print and mark where it needs to be trimmed.  You want the print to be larger than the opening about 1/4 inch all the way around - you can see where I marked it using the cut-out holes

Take the print that's been cut to size and use it as a template to cut your foam core board:

The easiest way to do this is to use a cutting ruler and an exacto knife - just follow the edge.

Use cover the cut piece of foam core in spray glue - let it dry a minute or two.  This will make it tacky so it's sticky, but not too wet for the thin paper (it's the same technique I use on my Giant Picture Tutorial)

Now the printable is attached and has a sturdy foam core back:

Take that board and attach it to the back of the frame, pressing firmly with the staple gun (love how it tells you which end the staples will come out of - I forget every time!)

That's it!  My kids are SUPER EXCITED to give their teachers a gift.  I also asked each teacher if they had any crafty items on their wish list - one needed a way to organize construction paper and another needed new markers and pom poms.  Can do!

 Do you have any Craft It Forward Plans this week??  Don't forget to share them via Social Media with Michael's Stores!

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February 11, 2013

Take-A-Look Tuesday

Best link party ever, right here, right now :)

First, heads up to anyone who lives near Kansas City - - I am part of an Opportunity Night for Paparazzi Accessories - basically you come and learn about why I LOVE Paparazzi to see if it would be something that would work for you.  I am offering a FREE piece of jewelry to anyone who comes.  I don't think it will be long - maybe an hour or so.  Anyways, here's the FB event, and you can email me if you need more information, mandybeez at gmail.

Can't wait to see what everyone's been up to -  - and who will be the most viewed link - maybe you?
- - just a run down- -
  • Link to a Specific Post, not your whole blog - no more than a couple of posts please
  • Please don't link up anything you've already linked before (like something posted on a previous week)
  • Try to visit a few other people at the party  - everyone loves visits and encouraging comments!

Moo Business Cards - giveaway!

I am mesmerized by Moo Business Cards - have you seen them??  ah-mazing.

The cool thing about Moo is that you can get a SET of cards - like the cards don't have to all be the same.  It's called Printfinity, and it's such a genius idea - - this video explains it all and shows some fun examples:

The problem:  I can't decide!  One option - - have an image of a different popular project of mine on the back, kind of like these photos"

Another option - do something random and unexpected, like cassette tapes, on the back.

I've also considered drawing out a puzzle or my logo image or something and then dividing the main image into 6 or so small pieces of the image, so you have to collect all 6 cards to put it together.

Or another idea is a unique link on the back of cards - like access to a special project or something, and come up with half a dozen of those so you'll want to collect them all.

Or what about using the MiniCards and twine, like a tag?
Tamar uses beaded MiniCards as gorgeous tags on her products

And then there's the option to get sticker business cards - how cool is that?!

So, recap, business cards I'm think of -
--different project photo on each one
--randomness - cassette tape, etc
--puzzle/logo and you collect all 6 to put the image together
--unique link on the back to a secret blog page
--minicard to look like a tag
--sticker, so you can stick it to something

If you were at a blog conference with me, which would you like to receive?  If you were a blogger, which would you like to give out?  I just can't decide so I thought I'd ask for opinions.

Also, it's giveaway time!  3 winners will each get a set of 50 Classic Business Cards.  To enter, use Rafflecopter below:
 Rafflecopter giveaway

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