Bleach Number Shirt

There’s just something fun about a birthday shirt – gotta have one.  I have turned to the Bleach Number Shirt Method more than one – it’s so easy, with great results.
If you’re really savvy with the Sugar Bee Crafts info, you’ll know that all of my kiddos have birthdays in the fall (4 birthdays within 5 weeks of each other – it’s crazy time!  who’s idea was that, anyway?!) and so yes, I’m just getting around to posting this.  Hence why he’s barefoot in the pic above and there’s no snow on the ground.
This is easy enough to make the morning of the birthday (cause that’s what I did – all about last-minute crafting!).  Just cut a stencil out of scrap vinyl or contact paper or even parchment paper – whatever you’ve got.  You can cut it by hand or with a cutting machine (I used my Silhouette because I love it!).  Then adhere the stencil to your shirt.  Mix some bleach with water (I think this is one-to-one) and dab it on with a foam brush:

Since it was a pretty strong mixture, it turned really quickly.  In the past I’ve had to wait up to 30 minutes, etc.  You can see where I dripped bleach water and tried to wipe it off really quick – oops – – 

Then just rinse it out to stop the bleaching and throw it in the washing machine or dryer.  Put on and be awesome as a five-year old:

In case you want to check out some that I’ve made in the past, just click on the text below – – obviously I like to rehash this technique over and over again – -

Bleach Number shirt – the original:

Bleach Number Shirt, Stripe Version:

And I also used bleach on my Custom Shirt and Polka Dot Skirt:

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    That is just so cool! Too bad I don’t want my age on my shirt… although I guess it would make a good team jersey number, so all is not lost. Think I need to try this!


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