Carissa Miss: Valentine’s Day Printables

I’m baaack! Oh, you didn’t notice I didn’t post last month? Well, the reason is because I was too busy snuggling this little guy
Valentine's Day Printables
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But, I’m back creating printables again for you. 
Valentine's Day Printables

Valentine's Day Printables

 Like this BE MINE printable. Since my oldest is in pre-school, I have yet to create my own valentines or decorate boxes or a lot of those other fun vday crafts. So I’m boring and don’t really decorate for vday. I know, I know, kids make every holiday more fun don’t you think?

If you remember last year’s Valentine’s Day printable, I made it thinking of my hubby and one of our favorite songs:

Valentine's Day Printables

Valentine's Day Printables

This year, I think we’ll probably do something at home on Valentines and not try to fight the crowds since we most likely will bring baby J with us…What are your plans?

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    What a beautiful baby – huge congratulations! And he was born on my birthday! If I remember correctly, you had the same due date as my daughter Megan. Her sweet baby Clare surprised us by arriving 3 weeks early! … Happy snuggling!!!

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