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It’s coming up – the Super Bowl! Just thought I’d let ya know in case you’re oblivious (I would be, except for that I’m in it for the food and party-time).  What’s your game plan?? Are you heading out somewhere?  Hosting at your house?  Ignoring the whole thing?  If you are doing some sort of hot-food-related shindig, then I’ve got you covered: I have a cute (and functional!) craft for you – it’s a sewing craft, so it is a  perfect, simple project for you that had “learn to sew” as a new goal for 2014.  Isn’t this Football Pot Holder awesome?!

I posted this as a contributor over on the SNAP Blog, but I’m bringing the tutorial home today in case you missed it over there.  It’s a quick enough project that you can get it done before in plenty of time.

how to make a football pot holder

We host a big get-together every year for the big game.  Mostly it’s an excuse to get together and eat lots of yummy things.   Whether you’re hosting a potluck or heading out to one, you’re going to need some pot holders to help transport your goodies.  Wow the crowd with some football-themed ones!

If you’re intimidated by sewing, this is a great project – it’s small and simple and tries several different techniques.  Let’s get started….

You’ll Need:
–Scrap of brown fabric (size of your pot holder x2, one for each side)
–Scrap of white fabric (for laces detail)
–Heat ‘n Bond, Wonder Under, etc (see below for details)
–Insul-bright – this is special batting (the poofy stuff in quilts) that has a heat-protective layer (there’s a layer that looks like foil built in) which makes it great for pot holders/ hot pads

First, draw a football (or find a template online – I can’t draw!!) and cut it out to use as your pattern.  Cut 2 pieces of the brown out of the main shape.  Also cut 2 pieces of Insul-bright, slightly larger than the main shape.

Then iron Heat n’ Bond/ Wonder Under to the back of the white fabric.  It is a product that will make your white fabric fusible.  Iron it to the back (bumpy side against the fabric) and then peel off the paper backing – the “bumps” will stay on your fabric.  It’s a “glue” that will stick the while to the brown later on.

Then cut out and the laces and ball details from the white fabric:

Now you’re ready to start sewing:

Take one side and one piece of batting, and quilt them together.  Don’t worry if you’ve never quilted!  Quilting is just sewing layers together.  It’s great to practice stitching.  Sew with the right side of the fabric up and the batting underneath.  You can get fancy and sew loops (just drop your “feed dogs” and move the fabric back and forth)

Or if that’s too intimidating, just sew normal straight lines over and over, like this:

Cut away the batting that may have shifted and sticks out from under the fabric:

Next we will add the laces detail.  Place the white fabric into the correct spot, with the bump backside down, and simply iron it into place.  The heat will melt the glue of the Heat n Bond and adhere the fabric.

It is strong enough to leave without sewing, but I think sewing adds a nice finished detail, so I suggest top stitching (that simply means sewing on top) all around the white fabric edge:

Almost done!  Take each side of the football and sew them together along the edge, with right sides facing each other and the batting sides out:

Be sure to leave an opening unsewn, about 3-4 inches:

To prepare to turn your football right-side out, make small clips all the way around the edge and cut the excess fabric from each tip of the football.  Then turn it right-side out and top stitch  around the edge.  This will sew shut the hole you had left open to turn it.

That’s it!  Stand back and admire your creation!

Proudly display your dishes on your awesome new Football Pot Holders at the big game!
If you are still debating on what to bring, here are a couple of great ideas:
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