January 13, 2014

Heart Hippie Headbands - a how-to tutorial!

Have you embraced the hippie headband trend sweeping the nation?  (Didn't know there was such a trend?!)  Either way, you're going to love this simple (NO SEW!) version that is just perfect for Valentine's Day Season and beyond...

YES, this is made with hot glue.  YES, you can make this.  Yes, it's super cute and awesome.  And YES, even you can wear it (along with your girls) - I know it seems odd when you first put one one, but just wear it like you own the look and you're good to go :)     I made a couple of different versions - one with small single-layer hearts (no sew) and one that had larger, double-layered hearts with some hand stitching around the edge.  Both are cute and I can't decide which I like better - -

If the "hippie" style of straight across the forehead is just too intimidating to try (but you should!), these are also amazingly cute worn in a regular stretchy headband style:

I have a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this simple headband!  Let's get started...

First, gather your supplies - - you'l need felt (it comes in sheets at the craft store for super cheap), some fancy elastic (I ordered mine from Pick Your Plum, but you can check out fabric stores for some or just use plain elastic), and hot glue.  That's it!  oh, and embroidery floss and thread if you want to add the stitching detail.

I cut my felt with my Evolution Die Cut machine - it's a hand-crank and I talk more about how to use it in my post about Felt Hairbows.  The felt is a little tricky to cut but someone suggested using thin cardboard on top of the felt, and that really helped.

I have nesting dies, so I had my choice of what size of hearts I wanted.    You can order dies (they work in most die cut machines) from Lifestyle Crafts. (I was provided product for this post)

You can for sure hand-cut your hearts as well, or sometimes you can find pre-cut felt hearts at craft stores.  Whatever works best for you, but the die cuts sure made the cutting go really fast.

Cut a piece of elastic that will fit around your head.  Lay it flat and hot glue the hearts on - yep, that easy.  For the smaller hearts, I just hot glued them in a line on top of the elastic and that was it.  With the large hearts, glued one heart on the backside and one heart on top, so they are double-layered.  I just used a little hot glue right in the middle because I knew I'd be stitching around the edge to hold the layers together.

Once you do the whole length, you can just overlap the ends of the elastic and hot glue it into place - mine is holding great, so it works!

Then I just glue a few more hearts over that seam and it's done!  For the larger hearts, I then used embroidery floss (it's like thick thread) double-layered and just sewed running stitches along the edge.  It's a great project to do while sitting down to some TV or a movie:

I love the extra touch the embroidery detail adds to it:
That's it!!  Wear and enjoy!
This project is very doable - go give it a try!!


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I'll admit it, the "hippie" style might be a little too out of my comfort zone. ;) I totally love this headband, though!

awesome idea! i didn't even know my genius could cut felt! thanks for sharing!

So cute! Thank you for linking up to the Hit Me With Your Best Shot Link Party Last week. Hope to see you and your Awesome ideas tonight at 7 EST!

~Ariean http://onekriegerchick.com/

So cute! And I think even I could make it! :)

I've got to make some of these for my nieces for Valentine's Day!

That is such an adorable headband, Mandy!
Love the new site look, by the way :)

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This is so adorable!! One of my nieces (I have many) would be thrilled with this headbands. This is absolutely for her (well..... to be honesnt I'd wear it myself if I could,...)

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