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Hello Sugar Bee Friends…Hope you’ve all had a fantastic week!  I’m Ariean from OneKriegerChick and I’m back sharing an easy home DIY.

I have been working on my Master Bedroom for quite a while (like since we moved here over two years ago).  A little project here and another project there.  You may remember the Salvaged Wood Jewelry Display I shared here in November.  Slowly, the room is turning into a tranquil retreat full of my style.  

Today, I’m going to share how I covered my bedside lampshades.


I started with these basic lampshades that came with wall mounted lamps from Home Depot.  There’s nothing wrong with them besides that I thought they were boring….

lampshades before

I looked for months for fabric, but never found exactly what I wanted.  Then I saw a picture of a wire lampshade frame covered in strips of ribbon…LOVED it!  Until I went to Hobby Lobby and looked at the price of ribbon…Yikes!  Of course ribbon was not on sale that week…or the next.  Ugh!

So here’s what I came up with…Same concept, but using what I already had on hand…Burlap…


1. Start by peeling off the existing fabric cover.

2. There was some leftover glue and fabric fuzz, so I just wiped them off as best as I could.  They will be covered up anyway.  

 3.  Measure the height of the lampshade and cut strips of burlap approximately 4 inches longer.  The strips can be a width of your choice, but I cut mine approximately 1 1/2 inches wide.  Any wider and they may not stay tied.  The number of strips you will need will depend on the size of your lampshade and how tightly you want them spaced.  

 4. Wrap burlap strips around the lampshade leaving a space in between each.  Tie all of one side (top or bottom) and then reverse.  Add more burlap strips in the end if needed for fullness and coverage.  

Here’s how they turned out…Fun, different and much more my style!   You certainly wouldn’t have to use burlap, though.  Any lightweight fabric would work…A mix of different patterns would be fun too!

 DIY Fabric Strip Lampshade

If you liked this idea, I would love to have you visit me over at OneKriegerChick…Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve been up to…

hers and his pillow covers made with a Sharpie!
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