How to Use A Laminating Machine

You hear about lots of fun craft machines on various blogs, I don’t know if anyone has done a tutorial on one my favorites – a laminating machine! (probably because there’s not some giant marketing push, but I love mine no matter that – love love love laminating!)

I got this last year for Christmas from my mom – – probably because I kept borrowing hers for long periods of time.  It’s so fun – once you try it, you’ll want to laminate everything in site!  I just laminated a bunch of placemats for our nursery at church, and some Valentine bookmarks – everything’s better laminated :)

I occasionally teach preschool (it’s a coop so we rotate homes, etc) and was making this cute Shape Bingo when I thought that it was so cute that I should laminate it so we could use it again and again.  And I took pictures as I did so, just for you!  Here we go:

First plug in your machine and turn it on – it takes a few minutes to heat up.

Now, grab a laminating sheet and open it up – it’s like a thin folder with the hinge on the top.  Lay out all the things you want to laminate inside it and set the top back down:

Now, feed the hinged end into your machine.  Once you push it in far enough, the machine will slowly pull it in on it’s own.  I held up the other end because it was hanging off my counter and I didn’t want those loose papers to drop out of the sheets:

Here it is, feeding the sheet in, and then when it comes out – love it!

Then you’re just going to cut out around your papers.  That’s it!

 Get yourself a laminating machine – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it :)
And then you’ll laminate everything in sight – once you start, you can’t stop!

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    I just found some sheets on Amazon – they are anywhere from $10-$15 for 100, so not too bad. I’m not sure what brand mine is, but I’m sure it’s just a regular, unfancy machine.

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    I have a cheap $25 laminator from walmart and love it. I think they are definitely underrated. To the person who commented on the paper thickness: I have done flash cards that were basically 2 index cards back to back, and they are like a light cardstock, they ran through fine but sometime I would have to run them through a 2nd time to get them a little better around the edges of the paper.

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