January 6, 2014

Icon Wall Stickers of Awesomeness

I worked on a big project over the break - - not big like "this took forever" (cause it was super fast and easy) but big as in "the finished project is taller than my girls".  I was sent vinyl from Icon Wall Stickers to use.  And it's awesome:

Let me give you a visual on this how big the quote board is - here's Trevor holding it:
and he's 6'4" - kidding, but still it's big.  And they have an even bigger option.  That's what I love about Icon Wall Stickers - you can pick what you want, then you can pick the size - from small to really big - and then you can pick the color of vinyl.  All reasonably priced.  Here are some other vinyls they offer:

I lost all track of time while I browsed and browsed their site - they had so so much to look over, and I loved bunches of it.   I finally settled on the quote I chose because I thought it would be great in a hallway outside of the rooms of my kiddos as they grow older.

"Be Steadfast and Immovable, 
Always Abounding in Good Works" Mosiah 5:15
I figure that if there is a giant sign telling my kids to always do good works, that can only be for the best.  Since I'm thinking long-term, I didn't want to stick it to my wall.  My solution was to adhere the vinyl to a board, that way I can take it with me if we change locations or if I want it in a different part of my house, etc.  I like quotes on boards because it means I'm not locked in to that one spot forever.

So, first I painted a board we had in the garage.  I got a bucket of water and added a little paint because I was going for a "white washed" look.  Trevor loves when I paint in the garage:

When it was dry, it was time to stick down the vinyl.  It's big, so it was easiest as a two-person job.  With Trevor helping, I put the girls in charge of taking step-by-step photos.  And I think they have a few things to learn, because here's what you get....

A shot of Trevor's rear (and I know how you are....)

a blurry shot, except for the pile of junk on the couch...

this shot, also with the blurry theme.....

 but there was this good one - - after peeling the backing off and sticking the vinyl to the board, rub the vinyl like crazy then slowly peel off the top transfer sheet - -

Working together - -

Thanks it!!  Stand back and enjoy the awesomeness.

If you need some big vinyl, or unique vinyl, or any vinyl, check out Icon Wall Stickers - they have it all!

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Great sign. I LOVE that Trevor is wearing and tie and helping you on the floor!! So cool. Mx

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