January 1, 2014

my word of the year, 2014

Happy 2014!!  my goals for the year - - don't let my van gas tank dip below 1/2 full (I often run on 0 miles til empty - must stop that!), make blog books from my family blog (I've never done this - it will probably cost thousands of dollars....), embrace change...

It seems like all of blogworld jumps on the bandwagon in picking a word for the year.  I never have - nothing ever stuck out, and I lose focus pretty easily, so why pick a word that I will probably not think about much anyway.    BUT, I was thinking how I never had a word-of-the-year, and what would I pick if I did, and bam - it hit me.  I actually have a word for this year...

And it's actually something I really need to focus on and embrace.  So there ya go - my word of the year - CHANGE - who knew I'd have one.  Ch-ch-ch-changes....

This coming year will bring lots of significant changes for my family and I - and even this blog.  They're exciting, but guess what - I don't like change!

I feel like we're at a pretty great place in life - I'm settling in.  As the kids get older, life gets easier.  With younger kiddos it's day-to-day survival mode in motherhood, but I'm bridging over to school-age kid mode, and it's really fun (I'm here to tell you young moms - it'll get easier!  trust me!).  Still crazy and there are days of survival, but it's different.  Settling in to life.  So I like it right now - and change is unknown. and uncomfortable.  I don't like the unknown!  Trying new things and new experiences - I'm always leery.
So my focus for the year is going to be to try to not be afraid of change.  I know that change is the way to fun new things and personal growth and family growth, so I will really try to embrace change!

As you can tell, there are a million awesome quotes out there about change!

What changes are in store?  There are some I will fill you in on a little later, and some I'm sure I don't know about that will come throughout the year.  A recent one, although I'll count it for 2014, is that Trevor just took a new job with a new company.  He liked his old job and old company, but this opportunity came up and it was a great opportunity so he went for it.  He's excited about it and I know he'll do great.  But this is a perfect example of change being hard - switching jobs always seems like a risk to me (my dad worked at the same place, since he was 18 years old til now - I thought that's what people did), but I know it's a great opportunity with great potential so I'm embracing the change.  He's been working there for about a week.  That's why I'm putting the new job in the 2014 category.

Blog changes
 - - yes, I'm still on Blogger, and yes, I plan to stay (again, remember, I'm afraid of change - I like the known, and I like blogger!) - but I do think it's time for a layout redesign and refresh.  That'll be coming soon.  I know lots of you are like me and don't like when blogs change, so stick with me, it'll be great.
- - I feel like my presence has been lacking a little on the blog - I don't feel personality coming through on it as much I used to.  So I want to change back - maybe less posts (when I hit 4 a day, I know I've gone overboard!)?  posts with more personal stories woven in? more videos? I'm up for ideas on this one - let me know what you'd love to see.
- - I miss blog interaction with readers, so I want to be able to have more of that.

Happy 2014 to everyone!!  And a bunch more change quotes...

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I dislike change as well, Mandy! I know that sometimes it's best to just step out and do it, though. I'm looking forward to your posts this year. Thanks for the great quotes!

Change is scary...I like the "same old"...but know change in important to help us grow. Good luck with it!

I am excited to see how your blog evolves Mandy! I agree with the PPs that change can be scary, but it is usually the scariest risks that offer the biggest rewards. Looking forward to your inspiration in 2014!

I love when blogs are more personal, even ones I follow for craft ideas!

I do not do well with change! I am loving this! It can be so scary, but then it is so worth it in the long run!

I love that you chose this word! I need to choose that word next year for sure. Thanks for sharing! Love ya girl!

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