January 29, 2014

Ombre Heart Specimen Art

Check out this super cute Valentine's Day art I made for my entryway - I just love it!  It's one of those projects that looks even better in real life than in pictures - I wish you could come on over and see how cute it is!

And then you would see that I still have all of my Christmas Cards on display....  I just love seeing them and can't bring myself to take them down yet!

I have the tutorial for the ombre heart art on down.... but also, one of the things I want to do a little more of this year is video.  dun dun dun.

So... look - - a Valentine's Craft, with a video! It was made via Hangout On Air - which means it was one-take, live, no editing.  Enjoy 6 minutes of me rambling to myself about crafting this cute Ombre Heart Art:

This all started with some amazing paper sent to me from American Crafts - the texture is great, and the glitter sheets were awesome - I wanted to showcase the paper, and this specimen art was a perfect project.

First I grabbed a plain frame and gave it a quick coat of paint...

I then cut a piece of the corrugated white glitter paper, and placed that in the frame (with the plexiglass removed).  And here's where I stopped taking step-by-step pictures - blogger fail!

BUT, I can walk you through it.  I punched the hearts out of the paper using a punch, but you could hand-cut them if you want.  I used 4 different shades of pink/red, lightest ones on top and the darkest on bottom.

After punching them out, I folded each heart in half to give them dimension.  Then I used hot glue generously along the fold and placed it onto the white paper.  Just glue down each heart and that's it!  See how they stick out - love that:

A fun and simple Valentine craft - just the kind I love!!

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super cute!! I love it! and I still have all my christmas card pictures take to my fridge and cupboard! Emily@nap-timecreations

You are too cute! Love the video and the ombre hearts! :)

Cute! That's a good way to use up paint samples too. Thanks for sharing!

This is so cute!! I love that its so pretty and the colour of the frame really makes those hearts just pop!

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