January 3, 2014

Simply Nashi Pear

Time to turn on your smell-o-vision - - uh, if only we had that!  I was sent a warmer and the 2014 ScenTREND from Scentsy - - this might be my favorite scent to date - I just love it!

I love these core warmers  - it's a main warmer, and then you can get different "wraps" for it - so once you have a core it's easy to switch out the look of your warmer whenever you want.  I got this fun rustic rooster one as a shout-out to my mom (yes, she has chickens - and now goats!  she's gone crazy :) )

No matter what warmer you have (so many options!), you need to fill it with the Nashi Pear - trust me on this, I really really like it!  Simply Nashi Pear combines the sweet taste of a pear with the mouthwatering crispness of an apple – creating a beautiful blend of juicy sweetness.

Simply Nashi Pear’s brightness underscores the importance of living life with a sense of playfulness and lightheartedness,” said Heidi Thompson, President of Scentsy, Inc. “This year is about remembering to savor and celebrate life’s little moments.”
Grab ahold of your Scentsy Consultant and get yourself some Simply Nashi Pear so you can try it for yourself.  Then light up your warmer (I love the glow that they give) and enjoy!!
I just love having my warmer running - it makes my home so cozy and inviting!!

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Ohhh, I LOVE the smell of Pears & I also LOVE Scentsy!! Maybe you could hook me up w/ a rep? Do YOU sell them? I would SO buy from you!! Anyhoo, thanks for the heads up on the Pear scent! Gotta go get me some!!

sorry, I don't sell it - - but you can use their site to find a rep in your area - you'll love this scent!

Hi Mandy and Chelle! I'm a Scentsy Rep in Texas, and I love it too! Feel free to shop my site at www.scentsbyjes.scentsy.us anythime :)

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