T-Shirt Strip Pillow Cover

Hello everyone! This is Becky from Patchwork Posse here to share another quick and simple tween project. 
I blog about lots of easy sewing projects, and I’m the home of the 52 Quilt Block Pick Up and the Yearly Round Robin
Today we are going to talk about a quick and simple pillow cover using your favorite t-shirts.
I don’t know about you, but there comes a time when the t-shirt has had it.  There is little to no life left and yet it still get warn!  Removing it from the -you can wear this- drawer sometimes isn’t an option {but it’s my favorite!}
This has happened a few times around here and we have found a solution for it– a t-shirt strip pillow cover!

Let’s talk about how to make our t-shirt strips.
  • pile of favorite t-shirts
  • pillow form –one that has a cover works best as the background will show through the strips
  • scissors

T-Shirt Stip Pillow Cover

1)  Snip the shirts into strips.  I would recommend keeping them to 2 1/2″ or larger
Cut the strips from side to side of the shirt- the side hem will help you later!
2)  Snip one side of the strip so you have one long t-shirt strip snake
3)  Wrap the strip around the pillow and tie a knot on the end- You can line up the side seam to the top of the pillow, the knot will be at the bottom of the pillow
4)  Repeat with remaining strips until the desired look is obtained
5)  Snip off all the long danglies at the knot- keeping them the same length
  • Offset each strip so the knot is at the top, then at the bottom, then at the top
  • Alternate shirts so you get a pattern of color
  • Center the knots on the pillow
  • Align the knots in a wave pattern
  • Don’t be afraid of using the ruffles and other embellishments from the shirts
Just play around with the strips until you are happy. 
Now they are able to keep their un-wearable t-shirts, give a pillow a quick facelift, and hold on to the memories just a little bit longer.
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  1. says

    I like the concept, but I think it would look smoother & better if the strips were sewn together, and then the bottom instead of tying left to hang free like fringe. Guess it is just the seamstress in me I like things to look perfect. I use t-shirts to create rugs with.

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