Carissa Miss: Glitter Gold Printable

Carissa again! Hope you had a FABULOUS Valentine’s Day yesterday! I’m actually celebrating tonight. My hubby is surprising me with a night out:) This will be our first date without the baby tagging along. I have been really working hard on my 2014 goals for the year; I need to finish a lot of projects I started. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll see I finally put art up in the nursery and Eliza’s room. Haha. 2 walls down and every other one to go. But, I’m not discouraged! For me, putting those finishing touches, like ART and ACCESSORIES is the HARDEST part of a room reveal. That’s why I’m sitting here with 3 rooms ALMOST done, but not quite ready. In fact, I am so close to finishing my entry way reveal. {Let’s pretend it hasn’t been a year since I started that project...} So. Even though Vday decor is coming down soon, I couldn’t resist sharing this printable I whipped up for my entry. {Stay tuned for the full reveal next month!!!}
Carissa Miss: Glitter Printables

Gold and glitter are all the rage right now and for good reason! Some of my most viewed printables are my glitter animal silhouette printables!
Carissa Miss: Glitter Printables

Carissa Miss: Glitter Printables
Little did I know how popular gold glitter and foxes would be. I have quite a few different options, so go download you some gold glitter happiness and put it in your house! Need some design help in finishing up a space in your house? Or, don’t have any idea where to start? Contact me for an affordable room consultation. Rates start at $25!

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