Crocheted Cowl and #ProjectCrochet Update

Have you ever tried crochet?  if not, you should!  it’s easier than you think – just making loops with yarn.  I don’t have a beginner tutorial because there are TONS out there – I’d suggest pulling one off of your favorite blog or looking one up on YouTube.
Today I want to show you a perfect project once you figure out how to do a basic crochet  — this simple Double-Crochet Cowl (cowl = infinity scarf) – –

You might have caught a sneak peek of this when I posted about my Birdie Sling Bag – – see, it was there back then…

I actually made this a while back when we were on a quick weekend vacation.  Crochet is the perfect travel craft – just some yarn and hook and you’re on your way.  Because dragging a sewing machine along for a sewing project isn’t really practical.  So bring crochet along – so fun!  At first I was making the cowl out of this super-chunky deep orchid yarn – but I didn’t have enough – boo!  And random, I was wearing this crocheted hat (NOT made my me, but isn’t it cool) that same weekend:

So anyways, back to the cowl.  Again, there are lots of crocheted cowl tutorials out there – but once you make one you’ll realize that there’s not much “pattern” to it.  You just make a row of double crochets, then layer rows and rows until it’s as long as you want it.  I wanted mine to wrap around twice.  I made it in just an evening – crochet really moves quickly.

I love the cream color – it’s neutral enough that it can work with a variety of things without being overpowering even though it’s chunky.

Remember, the month of February is #ProjectCrochet month – if you haven’t made anything yet, this cowl would be a perfect project to dive into starting.  I’m attempting to crochet a blanket as I watch the Olympics.  Progress so far:

You can search the hashtag and find that lots of you are making fun things, like these:

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