Easy Elastic Hair Ties and Headbands (no sew!) – with Hairbow Supplies, Etc

Do you have a little girl in your life that you want to make bunches of hairbows for? How about hair ties?  Or have you considered making and selling hairbows?  Need a place to buy supplies in bulk?  I’ve got you covered in all sorts of cute ways…   here are a couple of how-to tutorials on making super cute headbands and hair ties, along with where to buy supplies. (this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own, and Hairbow Supplies, Etc is awesome).  

Super-awesome hair ties – so easy to make!

and simple no-sew headbands – they make even the outtake pics looks great – -

I put some sneak peek pictures of this project on instagram, and everyone was wondering where to get the supplies – – you know, fold over elastic (foe) is hard to find in the stores, and when you do, it’s pricey – – so it’s way worth ordering, and a great shop is Hairbow Supplies, Etc.  Seriously check them out – I can’t believe how low their prices are and how much selection they have.
And guess what – – you can get 20% off your order with the code CRAFT20 !!  On top of the already super-awesome prices, you can’t pass that up.

Alright, once you get your supplies, you’ll want to know how to make these fun accessories.  They are all no-sew!  Anyone can do this.  Let’s dive into the tutorials…

First up, the Hair Ties.  These are made from fun “fold over elastic” and are super super simple.  First measure a piece about 9 inches long:

Then match up the two ends and cut a slight slant to the edges:

Then tie a knot – that’s it!  See, you can totally make this.

I used cardstock to make fun sets – it shows off the cute elastic.  You can even cut up cereal boxes – thin cardboard is all you need:

Here’s one of my favorite sets – love the gray, pink, and turquoise combo:

I made a bunch of sets because I thought these would make awesome valentines for my girls to pass out to their friends.  I slid the card into a small clear envelope and taped it shut with a heart on it where they can sign their name.  I tried to come up with some witty saying “all tied up over you” “you’re stretchy cool” or whatever, but nothing stuck, so I didn’t end up going with anything.  But if you thought of a cute saying, wouldn’t that make a fun label for the bag??

 Next tutorial, the stretchy headbands.  These are just as easy!  First cut a length of elastic that fits comfortably around the head with being stretched just a little (not too tight).  Then overlap the ends and glue together, as shown below:

Then you just hot glue the back of the flower over the seam.  Yes, the flowers are premade – it doesn’t get easier than that. You can get tons of flowers from Hairbow Supplies as well – here’s the ones I worked with:

I made these three separate stretchy headbands, for everyday “casual” wear:

But I absolutely LOVE them when you stack them together for a more kapow look – think dressing up or photo accessories.  These look good on babies and older girls alike – so so cute.

See, those two projects are simple, and you can do them!!  Have I inspired you yet to check out Hairbow Supplies, Etc - do that to grab your supplies, then start cranking out the cuteness.  Remember, code CRAFT20 for 20% off your order! 

and if you’re wanting to make things for Valentine’s, they’ve got lots of fun to check out:

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    LOVE these! And so simple too. I will definitely be checking out these supplies and I can’t wait to make some for my daughter… she’s going to love them!

    Thanks so much for sharing :)

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